Genre : Singing
Editor : feelgreat publishing
Release : 2007
ISBN-13 : 0942106016
Hardcover : 89 Pages

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Singing 101 by Nancy Bos

Genre : Singing
Editor :
Release : 2017-01-10
ISBN-13 : 152035441X
Hardcover : 69 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

"Singing 101 contains detailed vocal instruction; fundamentals needed by every singer for accurate pitch, stamina, quality of tone, and career longevity. Aimed at teaching fundamentals, and based on centuries of knowledge, it also contains perspectives from new scientific discoveries to which previous generations of teachers and singers did not have access. Any singer, from performing professional to beginner, will benefit from these lessons. Rock singers and choral directors alike give it rave reviews. Classical singers as well as belters find the information on supported breathing to be eye-opening, while beginning singers gain fundamental skills to launch their best voice."--Page 4 cover.

Teach Yourself To Sing by Karen Farnum Surmani

Genre : Music
Editor : Alfred Music Publishing
Release : 1995
ISBN-13 : 0882846655
Hardcover : 64 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Learn at your own pace with this proven course for beginners. Learn proper breathing, posture, and warm-up techniques that will keep you singing for a lifetime with confidence and in a variety of styles. Includes practice exercises, demonstrations by professional singers and motivating accompaniments to sing along with.

How To Sing by Lilli Lehmann

Genre : Music
Editor : Courier Corporation
Release : 1993-01-01
ISBN-13 : 0486275019
Hardcover : 149 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

One of the most influential of all singing guides by one of opera's first international superstars. Famed for her dramatic presence, powerful and flexible voice and great repertoire, Mme. Lehmann offers inspiration and sound advice in every phase of singing, from how to breathe correctly, produce a ringing head tone and execute a proper trill to important nuances of vocal expression, language and role interpretation. Of special interest: the great singer's recommended vocal exercises and guidelines for proper care of the voice.

How To Sing by Graham Hewitt

Genre : Singing
Editor : Hamish Hamilton
Release : 1978
ISBN-13 : 024189915X
Hardcover : 94 Pages

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Genre :
Editor :
Release : 2017-01-12
ISBN-13 : 9781365437854
Hardcover : Pages

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The Smith 12 and their group Smashed to Smithereens are already quite famous and have a loyal following in the thousands if not millions by the summer of 2021 when their manager/agent; Rick Franklin, comes to them and their parents; Bill and Pamela Smith to set-up their latest concert-tour which will be a cross-country tour during the 2021 holiday season in which the duodecaplets will be performing songs; all the traditional Christmas songs in their own versions of said songs for their ravenous fan-base. The concert goes swimmingly and the duodecaplets make even more fans along the way as they go city-to-city on this tour, hoping to make it back home to New York in time for December 2

The Right Way To Sing by Linda Marquart

Genre : Music
Editor : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2005-04-01
ISBN-13 : 9781621531340
Hardcover : 136 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Everyone from budding professional to church choir soloist will be drawn to this step—by—step program that promises to teach people to sing like pros. This easy—to—use book starts with common singing terms, moves on to the importance of range and resonance, and continues with solid instruction on training the voice. A special chapter on vocal technique enriches the text, and the book's vocal exercises and tips for sight reading, learning music, and recognizing different musical forms all add value. Information about further study and finding a singing teacher, and answers to frequently asked questions, round out this useful text.

Bad Singer by Tim Falconer

Genre : Biography & Autobiography
Editor : House of Anansi
Release : 2016-05-14
ISBN-13 : 9781770894464
Hardcover : 304 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Author and journalist Tim Falconer — a self-confessed “bad singer” — is one of only 2.5 percent of the population that has been afflicted with amusia, ie: he is scientifically tone-deaf. Bad Singer chronicles his quest to understand the brain science behind tone-deafness and to search for ways to retrain the adult brain. He is tested by numerous scientists who are as fascinated with him as he is with them. He also investigates why we love music and deconstructs what we are really hearing when we listen to it. Throughout this journey of scientific and psychological discovery, he puts theory to practice by taking voice and breathing lessons with a voice coach in order to achieve his personal goal: a public display of his singing abilities. A work of scientific discovery, musicology, and personal odyssey, Bad Singer is a fascinating, insightful, and highly entertaining account from an award-winning journalist and author.

The Way To Sing by Franz Proschowsky

Genre : Singing
Editor :
Release : 1923
ISBN-13 : PSU:000002460321
Hardcover : 131 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Singing For Dummies by Pamelia S. Phillips

Genre : Music
Editor : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2010-12-10
ISBN-13 : 9780470934173
Hardcover : 368 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Take your voice to the next level and grow as a performer Whether you're a beginning vocalist or a seasoned songster, Singing for Dummies makes it easy for you to achieve your songbird dreams. This practical guide gives you step-by-step instructions and lots of helpful tips, hints, vocal exercises, reminders, and warnings for both men and women, including advice on the mechanics of singing, discovering your singing voice, developing technique, singing in performance, maintaining vocal health, and performing like a pro. This Second Edition is an even greater resource with additional vocal exercises, new songs, and information on the latest technology and recording devices. Covers comprehensive singing techniques, finding one's pitch, the importance of posture and breath control, and taking care of one's voice Discover how to sing alone or with accompaniment The updated CD features new tracks and musical exercises, as well as demonstrations of popular technique, scales and pitch drills, and practice songs for singers of all levels Singing for Dummies, Second Edition contains all the information, practices, techniques, and expert advice you need to hone your vocal skills with ease! Note: DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file. These materials are available for download upon purchase.