Genre : Cooking
Editor : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Release : 2013-09-10
ISBN-13 : 9781558327924
Hardcover : 352 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Offers over two hundred recipes that can be made on a panini press, including options for traditional panini as well as for quesadillas, grilled salads, burgers, and other fare.

Genre : Cooking
Editor : Harvard Common Press
Release : 2019-03-12
ISBN-13 : 9781558329621
Hardcover : 176 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Your panini press will become your most versatile friend in the kitchen with The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook, a compendium of Kathy Strahs's best 100 panini press recipes, beautifully illustrated with new color photos. Who knew this simple and easy-to-use kitchen appliance could do so much? Kathy Strahs, for one, did. Creator of the multiple-award-winning food blog Panini Happy, the web's go-to destination for panini-press wisdom, Strahs does wonderful things with a panini press, from crafting perfect Italian-style panini to building scrumptious and creative grilled cheese sandwiches to making things you never thought you could make on a countertop grill or griddle. Dig into these recipes to discover your panini press's impressive range—including breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners, for the weekday whirl and for relaxing times on weekends. About half the recipes in this book—a collection of the 100 best recipes from Strahs's earlier book, The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook—are for panini, such as a robust Cheddar, Apple, and Whole-Grain Mustard Panini or a zesty Chimichurri Steak Panini. The remaining recipes are for dishes you will be amazed to learn you can make on a countertop grill, including quesadillas, croques monsieurs, brats, burgers, salads topped with crisply grilled meats, and even grilled desserts. This beautiful volume will inspire great cooking and fun meals, without the fuss or effort.

Genre :
Editor : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2016-09-19
ISBN-13 : 153777218X
Hardcover : 72 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

If you are a huge fan of Panini's and have been looking for a Panini recipe book that will help you satisfy all of your panini cravings, then this is the perfect Panini Press cookbook for you. Inside of this book, The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook-Over 25 Panini Recipe Book Recipes: The Only Panini Maker Cookbook You Will Ever Need you will discover everything you have ever wanted to learn about the Panini making process. Inside of this Panini Maker Cookbook, you will not only find over 25 delicious Panini recipes, but you will also discover some helpful and useful information to making panini's as well.

Genre : Cooking
Editor : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2011-09-18
ISBN-13 : 9781440527692
Hardcover : 304 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

300 delicious ways to use your press!"--Cover.

200 Best Panini Recipes by Tiffany Collins

Genre : Cooking
Editor : Robert Rose Incorporated
Release : 2008
ISBN-13 : 0778802019
Hardcover : 256 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Explains how to make a panini, a type of Italian sandwich, using recipes with traditional and non-traditional ingredients.

Genre : Cooking
Editor : Rockridge Press
Release : 2020-05-05
ISBN-13 : 1646117336
Hardcover : 166 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

From toasty to tasty--the complete guide to modern panini making A hot panini press can turn any ordinary sandwich into a toasty, ooey-gooey delight. From time-honored Italian-style paninis to a freshly griddled fruit platter, this panini cookbook teaches you how to fire up your press and master the art of everything panini. Start with the fundamentals of how to choose, use, and maintain a panini press. Then, learn how to stack your panini so the cheese gets extra-melty while the other ingredients stay crisp. With 100 delectable recipes, you'll find globally inspired panini creations, vegetarian and dairy-free options, breakfast sandwiches, and side dishes--plus the skills to experiment and craft whatever kind of panini inspires you. This modern panini cookbook includes: Recipe refresh--The simple substitutions and creative, unique ingredients in this panini cookbook make classic, griddled sandwiches modern and fun. Getting saucy--Make every meal complete with dips, sauces, spreads, and marinades for any style of panini. A panini cookbook for all--Thoughtful ingredient swaps make each sandwich adaptable to different dietary requirements, even gluten-free and paleo. Fire up your press and start toasting the perfect panini today.

Nancy Silverton S Sandwich Book by Nancy Silverton

Genre : Cooking
Editor : Knopf
Release : 2005
ISBN-13 : 9780375711145
Hardcover : 238 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

An innovative compilation of versatile, easy-to-follow recipes for both open- and close-faced sandwiches ranges from the traditional to the exotic and from Grilled Cheese to Rare-Seared Tuna, Braised Leeks, Hard-cooked Egg, and Tapenade. Reprint.

Simple Italian Sandwiches by Jennifer Denton

Genre : Cooking
Editor : Harper Collins
Release : 2009-05-12
ISBN-13 : 9780061907081
Hardcover : 160 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

With nothing more than a panini grill, a toaster oven, and a few simple ingredients, Jennifer and Jason Denton bring the fresh, robust flavors of Italy to your home table in Simple Italian Sandwiches. Eating in Italy is all about simple pleasures, relaxing with good company, and savoring fresh, no-frills foods like traditional toasted panini, crustless tramezzini, and crunchy bruschetta. In Simple Italian Sandwiches, Jennifer and Jason Denton offer up a collection of recipes for these classic bread-based dishes, plus condiments, antipasti, and salads that are easy enough for the novice cook yet tasty enough for anyone with a sophisticated palate. From Soppressata, Fontina, and Arugula Panini, to Mozzarella and Basil Pesto Tramezzini, to Roasted Butternut Squash, Walnut, and Asiago Bruschetta, the dishes can be prepared in minutes and require minimal cooking. With simplicity the governing rule for today's busy schedules, Simple Italian Sandwiches is the ideal cookbook for anyone who wants to prepare vibrant, flavorful food for family and friends, and then sit down and enjoy it with them.

Panini by Melanie Barnard

Genre : Cooking
Editor : Touchstone
Release : 2009-03-03
ISBN-13 : 1439108072
Hardcover : 96 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Turn your kitchen into a sandwich factory with this beautifully photographed, easy-to-use cookbook containing over fifty delicious recipes for panini sandwiches, plus cooking tips that will help anyone create a wide variety of wholesome meals and snacks. Originally an Italian dish of grilled bread filled with meats and cheeses, panini have evolved in recent years to become more than just an ordinary sandwich. Panini recipes today include everything from fresh produce, sea-fresh fish and shellfish, and lean poultry to savory spreads and breakfast ingredients. But you can make much more than just sandwiches in a panini press; whether you are hungry for a creative lunch, casual dinner, or a unique dessert, the perfect recipe is sure to be found in the pages of Panini. With a handful of companion recipes and informative tips for grilling each panino, all you need to do is assemble the ingredients, grill and enjoy!

The Lemonade Stand Cookbook by Kathy Strahs

Genre :
Editor :
Release : 2017-05-09
ISBN-13 : 0996911219
Hardcover : Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Lemonade stands . . . kids have been running them for decades, whether to raise money for a new bike, for a charitable cause, or simply to conquer boredom. Inspired by dozens of kid experts from all over the country, author Kathy Strahs pours her expertise as a food writer, entrepreneur and mother of two school-aged children into the ultimate guide to setting up your own lemonade stand. Step-by-step illustrations and full-color photographs of each recipe and craft make each page easy and fun to dive into. Find delicious drinks, such as Classic Lemonade and Cold-Brew Iced Tea, sweet treats such as Polka Dot Blondies and Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallows, grab-and-go snacks such as Owen's Cheddar Chompers and Sunflower Crunch Balls, and creative crafts such as Hayley's Flower Pencils and Friendship Bracelets. Tips for setting up a successful stand, packaging ideas, cooking technique tutorials, and real-life "stand stories" from kids themselves are sure to inspire kids everywhere to "give life a squeeze."