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Editor : Taschen
Release : 2020-12-13
ISBN-13 : 3836581175
Hardcover : 512 Pages

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Star Wars exploded onto our cinema screens in 1977, and the world has not been the same since. In this book, George Lucas guides us through the original trilogy like never before, recounting the inspirations, experiences, and stories that created a modern monomyth. Complete with script pages, concept art, storyboards, on-set photography, and more.

The James Bond Archives by Paul Duncan

Genre : Performing Arts
Editor : Taschen America Llc
Release : 2012-12-01
ISBN-13 : 3836542676
Hardcover : 600 Pages

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"Bond, James Bond." Since Sean Connery uttered those immortal words in 1962, the most dashing secret agent in the history of cinema has been charming and thrilling audiences worldwide. This impeccably British character created by author Ian Fl

Genre : Performing Arts
Editor : Taschen America Llc
Release : 2008
ISBN-13 : 382283730X
Hardcover : 444 Pages

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Never-before-seen photos of Coppola's masterpiece Selections from photographer Steve Schapiro's archives provide an insider's view of the making of the legendary trilogy.This edition is limited to 1,000 copies, each numbered and signed by Steve Schapiro. Imagine the experience of witnessing renowned actors as they made their most memorable performances. Steve Schapiro has had such a privilege as special photographer on some of American cinema's most beloved movies. For Francis Ford Coppola's Godfather trilogy, he immortalized actors such as Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, James Caan, Robert Duvall, and Diane Keaton. Brought together in a book for the first time is a vast selection of images from all three Godfather films, selected from Schaprio's archives. This lavish, limited edition book allows fans a privileged peek behind the scenes in the world of making film history.

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Editor : Dark Horse Books
Release : 2020-05-05
ISBN-13 : 9781506710914
Hardcover : 216 Pages

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In the early days of the rebellion, a tight-knit group of rebels from various backgrounds banded together against all odds to do their part in the larger mission of defeating the Galactic Empire, sparking hope across the galaxy. The award-winning team from Lucasfilm Animation brought the beloved occupants of the Ghost into our homes five years ago, now, take a step behind-the-scenes to witness the journey from paper to screen with The Art of Star Wars Rebels. Featuring never-before-seen concept art and process pieces along with exclusive commentary from the creative team behind the show.

The Star Wars Vault by Stephen J. Sansweet

Genre : Performing Arts
Editor : It Books
Release : 2007-10-30
ISBN-13 : 0061257311
Hardcover : 128 Pages

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"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." It's been 30 years since those immortal words were first seen on movie screens nationwide and it was the start of a worldwide phenomenon and the beginning of the most successful movie franchise of all time. The Star Wars Vault: Thirty Years of Treasures from the Lucasfilm Archives, With Removable Memorabilia and Two Audio CDs by Stephen J. Sansweet and Peter Vilmur (HarperEntertainment; on-sale October 30, 2007; $85.00) is the official illustrated book celebrating this year's 30th anniversary of George Lucas' first Star Wars movie, and includes removable reproductions of memorabilia, along with two CDs containing vintage radio ads, original cast interviews, George Lucas' commentary, and even Carrie Fisher singing in the Star Wars Holiday Special. The Star Wars Vault is the insider's look at the development and making of all six movies, and the huge cultural impact they've had. In addition to hundreds of photos and pieces of artwork, the book includes fifty interactive, rare, and some never-before-seen pieces of memorabilia. Among the book's features are: The special questionnaire for the first and only test screening of the original Star Wars — and the invitation to attend it George Lucas' hand-written treatment for The Empire Strikes Back Lucasfilm Christmas cards Iron-on T-shirt transfer The very first concept sketch drawn for Star Wars Blueprints of Star Wars vehicles and sets Original hand-written directions for ground-breaking special effects The Star Wars Vault is the ultimate, one-of-a-kind insider's look into the sensation that launched a phenomenon that includes six feature films; two spin-off films; three television series with more to come; and an extensive collection of licensed books, comics, video games, action figures, trading cards, and many other products worldwide.

The Walt Disney Film Archives by Daniel Kothenschulte

Genre : Art
Editor :
Release : 2016
ISBN-13 : 3836552914
Hardcover : 620 Pages

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In TASCHEN's first volume of one of the most expansive illustrated publications on Disney animation, 1,500 images take us to the beating heart of the studio's "Golden Age of Animation." The landmark volume includes behind-the-scenes photos, story sketches, and cel setups of famous film scenes. It spans each of the major animated features made...

Genre : Performing Arts
Editor : Titan Comics
Release : 2020-04-28
ISBN-13 : 1787734234
Hardcover : Pages

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A 40th anniversary special edition celebrating Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. This deluxe collector's edition presents interviews, features and unseen images from the fan favorite movie.

Star Wars Book Of Lists by Cole Horton

Genre : Performing Arts
Editor : becker&mayer! Books
Release : 2020-04-14
ISBN-13 : 9780760365632
Hardcover : 224 Pages

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Star Wars: The Book of Lists takes a fascinating look at the galaxy far, far away through trivia culled from both on-screen and off over the history of the franchise. More than a simple accounting of fan-favorite characters or biggest opening weekends, this book is a compendium of the most compelling facts about the saga and fandom summarized in 100 lists. Find out these fun facts and more with comprehensive lists covering everything you'd want to know about the characters, creatures, ships, planets, and more: Which character has been to the most planets? What are the deadliest creatures in the galaxy? Who shared the most memorable kisses? Which actors have voiced the most characters? What are some of the most surprising cameos? Compiling a galaxy's worth of trivia and information about the Star Wars Universe, Star Wars: The Book of Lists is an entertainingly accessible trivia format for both hardcore fans and casual viewers.

Sounds Of Star Wars by J. W. Rinzler

Genre : Motion pictures
Editor :
Release : 2010
ISBN-13 : 0857200763
Hardcover : 304 Pages

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The story of the sound effects created for the Star Wars films featuring a state-of-the-art sound module with more than 250 sounds.

Genre : Performing Arts
Editor : Chronicle Books Llc
Release : 1994
ISBN-13 : UVA:X004270177
Hardcover : 208 Pages

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This unique volume presents some of the best of Lucasfilm's enduring creations. Readers are invited on a rare tour of the marvellous wold of the Lucasfilm Archives, with its incredible collection of costumes, props, puppets, models, and matte paintings used in both the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies. Veterans of the legendary special effects team that created Star Wars share their secrets, along with an astonishing array of behind-the-scenes production illustrations, storyboards, and prototypes. Lavishly illustrated throughout, this treasury captures the remarkable imagery, as well as the wonder, of the Lucasfilm universe.