The Myth Of The Andalusian Paradise by Darío Fernández-Morera

Genre : History
Editor : Open Road Media
Release : 2016-02-09
ISBN-13 : 9781504034692
Hardcover : 288 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Scholars, journalists, and politicians uphold Muslim-ruled medieval Spain—“al-Andalus”—as a multicultural paradise, a place where Muslims, Christians, and Jews lived in harmony. There is only one problem with this widely accepted account: it is a myth. In this groundbreaking book, Northwestern University scholar Darío Fernández-Morera tells the full story of Islamic Spain. The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise shines light on hidden features of this medieval culture by drawing on an abundance of primary sources that scholars have ignored, as well as archaeological evidence only recently unearthed. This supposed beacon of peaceful coexistence began, of course, with the Islamic Caliphate’s conquest of Spain. Far from a land of tolerance, Islamic Spain was marked by religious and therefore cultural repression in all areas of life, and by the marginalization of Christians and other groups—all this in the service of social control by autocratic rulers and a class of religious authorities. As professors, politicians, and pundits continue to celebrate Islamic Spain for its “multiculturalism” and “diversity,” Fernández-Morera sets the record straight—showing that a politically useful myth is a myth nonetheless.

The Ornament Of The World by Maria Rosa Menocal

Genre : History
Editor : Back Bay Books
Release : 2009-11-29
ISBN-13 : 0316092797
Hardcover : 336 Pages

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A Washington Post Bestseller "Fascinating...A lively read...we are indebted to Ms. Menocal for opening up an important period of history." (Wall Street Journal) This enthralling history, widely hailed as a revelation of a "lost" golden age, brings to vivid life the rich and thriving culture of medieval Spain, where for more than seven centuries Muslims, Jews, and Christians lived together in an atmosphere of tolerance, and where literature, science, and the arts flourished.

Convivencia by Jewish Museum (New York, N.Y.)

Genre : History
Editor : George Braziller
Release : 1992
ISBN-13 : UOM:39076001238299
Hardcover : 263 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Looks at the golden age produced by the mingling of the three cultures in medieval Spain and shows examples of arts and crafts

Kingdoms Of Faith by Brian A. Catlos

Genre :
Editor : Oxford University Press
Release : 2018-07
ISBN-13 : 9781787380035
Hardcover : 496 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Prior accounts have portrayed Islamic Spain either as a paradise of enlightened tolerance, or as the site where civilisations clashed. Award-winning historian Brian A. Catlos taps a wide array of original sources to paint a more complex picture, showing how Muslims, Christians, and Jews together built a sophisticated civilisation that transformed the Western world, even as they waged relentless war against each other and amongst themselves. Religion was often the language of conflict, but seldom its cause--a lesson we would do well to learn in our own time.Kingdoms of Faith rewrites Spain's Islamic past from the ground up, evoking the cultural splendour of al-Andalus and the many forces that shaped it.

Abd Al Rahman Iii by Maribel Fierro

Genre : Religion
Editor : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2012-12-01
ISBN-13 : 9781780741871
Hardcover : 160 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Abd al-Rahman III (891 - 961) was the greatest of the Umayyad rulers of Spain and the first to take the title of Caliph. During his reign, Islamic Spain became wealthy and prosperous. He founded the great Caliphate of Madinat al-Zahra at Cordova and did much in his lifetime to pacify his realm and stabilise the borders with Christian Spain. He died at the apex of his power on Oct. 15, 961.

Journey Into Europe by Akbar Ahmed

Genre : Political Science
Editor : Brookings Institution Press
Release : 2018-02-27
ISBN-13 : 9780815727590
Hardcover : 591 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

An unprecedented, richly, detailed, and clear-eyed exploration of Islam in European history and civilization Tensions over Islam were escalating in Europe even before 9/11. Since then, repeated episodes of terrorism together with the refugee crisis have dramatically increased the divide between the majority population and Muslim communities, pushing the debate well beyond concerns over language and female dress. Meanwhile, the parallel rise of right-wing, nationalist political parties throughout the continent, often espousing anti-Muslim rhetoric, has shaken the foundation of the European Union to its very core. Many Europeans see Islam as an alien, even barbaric force that threatens to overwhelm them and their societies. Muslims, by contrast, struggle to find a place in Europe in the face of increasing intolerance. In tandem, anti-Semitism and other forms of discrimination cause many on the continent to feel unwelcome in their European homes. Akbar Ahmed, an internationally renowned Islamic scholar, traveled across Europe over the course of four years with his team of researchers and interviewed Muslims and non-Muslims from all walks of life to investigate questions of Islam, immigration, and identity. They spoke with some of Europe’s most prominent figures, including presidents and prime ministers, archbishops, chief rabbis, grand muftis, heads of right-wing parties, and everyday Europeans from a variety of backgrounds. Their findings reveal a story of the place of Islam in European history and civilization that is more interwoven and complex than the reader might imagine, while exposing both the misunderstandings and the opportunities for Europe and its Muslim communities to improve their relationship. Along with an analysis of what has gone wrong and why, this urgent study, the fourth in a quartet examining relations between the West and the Muslim world, features recommendations for promoting integration and pluralism in the twenty-first century.

Genre : Education
Editor : Praeger Pub Text
Release : 1996
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015038026368
Hardcover : 204 Pages

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A detailed analysis of how and why Marxist thought pervades contemporary American higher education and scholarship.

Far Right Revisionism And The End Of History by Louie Dean Valencia-García

Genre : History
Editor : Routledge
Release : 2020
ISBN-13 : 0367460084
Hardcover : 472 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

In Far-Right Revisionism and the End of History: Alt/Histories, historians, sociologists, neuroscientists, lawyers, cultural critics, and literary and media scholars come together to offer an interconnected and comparative collection for understanding how contemporary far-right, neo-fascist, Alt-Right, Identitarian, and New Right movements have proposed revisions and counter-narratives to accepted understandings of history, fact and narrative. The innovative essays found here bring forward urgent questions to diverse public, academic, and politically-minded audiences interested in how historical understandings of race, gender, class, nationalism, religion, law, technology and the sciences have been distorted by these far-right movements. If scholars of the last twenty years, like Francis Fukuyama, believed that neoliberalism marked an "end of history," this volume shows how the far right is effectively threatening democracy and its institutions through the dissemination of alt-facts and histories.

Genre : History
Editor : ABC-CLIO
Release : 2019-06-05
ISBN-13 : 9781440854620
Hardcover : 827 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Unlike traditional references that recount political and military history, this encyclopedia includes entries on a wide range of aspects related to daily life during the medieval crusades. • Provides a timeline that gives users a quick look at the most significant events related to the crusades • Presents topical sections as reference entries on important subjects related to daily life during the crusades • Incorporates an introductory essay into each topical section to give readers an overview of the section • Offers selections from primary source documents for critical insights into the crusades • Features suggestions for further reading and a bibliography

Isabella by Kirstin Downey

Genre : Biography & Autobiography
Editor : Anchor
Release : 2014-10-28
ISBN-13 : 9780385534123
Hardcover : 544 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

An engrossing and revolutionary biography of Isabella of Castile, the controversial Queen of Spain who sponsored Christopher Columbus's journey to the New World, established the Spanish Inquisition, and became one of the most influential female rulers in history Born at a time when Christianity was dying out and the Ottoman Empire was aggressively expanding, Isabella was inspired in her youth by tales of Joan of Arc, a devout young woman who unified her people and led them to victory against foreign invaders. In 1474, when most women were almost powerless, twenty-three-year-old Isabella defied a hostile brother and a mercurial husband to seize control of Castile and León. Her subsequent feats were legendary. She ended a twenty-four-generation struggle between Muslims and Christians, forcing North African invaders back over the Mediterranean Sea. She laid the foundation for a unified Spain. She sponsored Columbus's trip to the Indies and negotiated Spanish control over much of the New World with the help of Rodrigo Borgia, the infamous Pope Alexander VI. She also annihilated all who stood against her by establishing a bloody religious Inquisition that would darken Spain's reputation for centuries. Whether saintly or satanic, no female leader has done more to shape our modern world, in which millions of people in two hemispheres speak Spanish and practice Catholicism. Yet history has all but forgotten Isabella's influence, due to hundreds of years of misreporting that often attributed her accomplishments to Ferdinand, the bold and philandering husband she adored. Using new scholarship, Downey's luminous biography tells the story of this brilliant, fervent, forgotten woman, the faith that propelled her through life, and the land of ancient conflicts and intrigue she brought under her command. From the Hardcover edition.