Getting The Message by John Eldridge

Genre : Social Science
Editor : Routledge
Release : 2003-09-02
ISBN-13 : 9781134895823
Hardcover : 368 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

The work of the Glasgow Media Group has long established their place at the forefront of Media Studies, and Getting the Message provides an ideal introduction to recent work by the Group. Contributors discuss themes such as the relationship between the media and public opinion, the emergence of TV news formats and styles, and the relations between theory and method in media research. Recent work undertaken by the Group on the media's role in reporting on AIDS, Vietnam, Northern Ireland and the Gulf War is also represented. In its fresh approach to the relationship between journalists and their sources and occupation analysis, the collection also illuminates how the earlier work of the group has been extended, and the ways in which its research has developed both individually and collectively. Getting the Message offers an invaluable and far-reaching exploration of the inter-relations between the production of media messages and their reception - an invaluable guide for any study of the development of media theory.

You Are The Message by Roger Ailes

Genre : Business & Economics
Editor : Crown Business
Release : 1989
ISBN-13 : 9780385265423
Hardcover : 223 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

The author presents simple concepts and practical techniques for improving natural communication abilities and reveals communications secrets he has learned from successful and charismatic personalities with whom he has worked

The Message Of The Prophets by J. Daniel Hays

Genre : Religion
Editor : Zondervan Academic
Release : 2010-09-21
ISBN-13 : 9780310586968
Hardcover : 384 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Christians sometimes approach the Old Testament with a mixture of awe and bewilderment, knowing that it contains pearls of wisdom, but unsure how to dive for them ... especially when it comes to the Prophets. In The Message of the Prophets, author J. Daniel Hays offers a scholarly, yet readable and student-friendly survey of the Old Testament prophetic literature that presents the message of each prophet in its historical and its biblical context and then tracks that message through the New Testament to challenge readers with what it means for them today. Hays focuses on synthesizing the message of the prophets, which enables students to grasp the major contours of the prophetic books clearly and concisely. Hundreds of colorful pictures help to illustrate the historical and cultural background of the prophets. After identifying what the message meant for ancient Israel, Hays helps the readers to move toward theological application today, helping readers to gain a better understanding of God and the relationship between God and his people. The Message of the Prophets is essential for professors, students, and others seeking to understand the role that the OT prophets play in the Christian faith.

Genre : Religion
Editor : Dog Ear Publishing
Release : 2007-09
ISBN-13 : 9781598583861
Hardcover : 220 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

As remarkable as it may sound this book is the result of divine intervention and inspiration. It is an account of the circumstances surrounding the receipt of a message given to mankind and intended to explain the nature of existence and to provide some insight into the nature of God, as best as we can understand it. It is a message that was intended specifically for you and regardless of your belief system I think you will find it extraordinary, enlightening, and inspirational. The receipt of this message has had a very dramatic impact on me and it is my joy to share it with you. Every word of this account is relayed to you as it was spoken without fictionalization of any kind. It is presented to you as it occurred and as it was recorded on audio tape. A small portion is also on video tape.

The Message Of Isaiah by Barry G. Webb

Genre : Religion
Editor : InterVarsity Press
Release : 2016-10-19
ISBN-13 : 9780830889839
Hardcover : 252 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Ever since Jesus read from the scroll of Isaiah in the synagogue of Nazareth, Christians have gravitated to this great prophecy as the interpretive center of the Old Testament. Barry Webb calls Isaiah the "Romans" of the Old Testament, where all the threads come together and the big picture of God's purposes for his people and for his world are most clearly set forth.

The Message Of Esther by David G. Firth

Genre : Religion
Editor : InterVarsity Press
Release : 2010-09-27
ISBN-13 : 9780830882144
Hardcover : 144 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

In this volume in the Bible Speaks Today commentary series, David Firth explores this paradoxically important book and its implications for our own contemporary context, where the reality of God's presence is experienced against a backdrop of God's relative anonymity and seeming absence.

Decoding The Message Of The Pulsars by Paul A. LaViolette

Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
Editor : Inner Traditions / Bear & Co
Release : 2006-04-21
ISBN-13 : 1591430623
Hardcover : 211 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Paul LaViolette's 25 years of research into the precisely timed radio pulses from extraterrestrial sources known as pulsars shows that they are distributed in the sky in a nonrandom fashion, often marking key galactic locations, and that their signals are of intelligent origin, warning about a past galactic core explosion that could recur in the near future.

The Message Of The Church by Christopher Green

Genre : Religion
Editor : InterVarsity Press
Release : 2014-02-03
ISBN-13 : 9780830879649
Hardcover : 335 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Preaching's Preacher's Guide to the Best Bible Reference for 2014 (Theology) The Bible begins and ends with God dwelling with his people--from Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to the great multitude in the New Jerusalem. At each step, God gathered his people together: to speak to them, hear from them and change them to be more like him. God assembling his people, whom he loves, is what the Bible calls church. The church should aspire to be a vibrant, loving, risk-everything people who are passionately committed to living out the values of God's Word and looking forward to the new creation. Churches and their pastors and leaders need to hear what the Bible says about who they are and what they are to do. Chris Green takes "the message of the church" to mean three things. First, the church has a message, which is that God has saved his people through Christ. Second, the church is the created and saved result of that message. Finally, the church is a message. He has saved broken people like us, and by belonging to his people we are trying to respond to him in the ways he requires. Green's stimulating and insightful exposition begins with a survey of the church "from eternity, to Eden, to exodus, to exile, to eternity," and then focuses on various dimensions of the church's life and ministry, including its worship, unity, maturity, servants, gifts, holiness, boundaries and future.

Genre : Religion
Editor : InterVarsity Press
Release : 2014-05-02
ISBN-13 : 9780830897865
Hardcover : 78 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Fullness and freedom--two aspects of Christian life that we all want to share. Paul wrote about them at length (and depth) in his letter to the Christians at Colossae, where certain new teachers were proclaiming that "mere Christianity" is not enough. There is, they suggested, a fuller experience, a greater liberation, than they had so far enjoyed. But Paul was adamant: all God's fullness is in Christ alone, and only through his complete work are we set free. These are the great objective truths of the faith that Dick Lucas highlights in his exposition, enabling us to see both the riches that are ours in Christ and the irrelevance--even blasphemy--of all would-be improvements on what God has done.

The Message Of Ezra Haggai by Robert Fyall

Genre : Religion
Editor : InterVarsity Press
Release : 2016-02-10
ISBN-13 : 9780830882168
Hardcover : 190 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

This commentary by Robert Fyall parallels of the challenges Israel faced to those of today's church and demonstrates the relevance of the books of Ezra and Haggai for God's people in all times. With passage-by-passage exposition of the biblical text, this resource will be helpful for pastors, teachers and anyone who wants to dive deeper into these seldom-discussed Old Testament books.