The Law Of Forgiveness by Connie Domino

Genre : Self-Help
Editor : Penguin
Release : 2009-11-03
ISBN-13 : 1101149132
Hardcover : 192 Pages

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A revolutionary way for readers to change their lives, their worlds, and make all their dreams come true?through the power of forgiveness. Author of the life-changing book The Law of Attraction: Develop Irresistible Attraction, Connie Domino knows the secret to reaching goals, attracting what one really wants, and receiving myriad blessings: forgiveness. Forgiving others and oneself is key to greater health and prosperity. A ground-breaking book, The Law of Forgiveness will demonstrate how to: ? Unleash the power of personal forgiveness?with simple steps ? Use it to make manifest goals and dreams ? Use the technique to positively affect a difficult relationship ? Understand the science behind the forgiveness technique ? Learn to forgive while working through the cycle of healing Forgiveness just might be the most transformational strategy for personal and spiritual well-being. It?s the perfect guide for looking for a job or building a business, seeking a new relationship or improving a current one, or hoping to get healthy or stay healthy.

When Should Law Forgive by Martha Minow

Genre : Law
Editor : W. W. Norton & Company
Release : 2019-09-24
ISBN-13 : 9780393651829
Hardcover : 256 Pages

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“Martha Minow is a voice of moral clarity: a lawyer arguing for forgiveness, a scholar arguing for evidence, a person arguing for compassion.” —Jill Lepore, author of These Truths In an age increasingly defined by accusation and resentment, Martha Minow makes an eloquent, deeply-researched argument in favor of strengthening the role of forgiveness in the administration of law. Through three case studies, Minow addresses such foundational issues as: Who has the right to forgive? Who should be forgiven? And under what terms? The result is as lucid as it is compassionate: A compelling study of the mechanisms of justice by one of this country’s foremost legal experts.

Genre : Juvenile Fiction
Editor :
Release : 2020-04-06
ISBN-13 : 9949744628
Hardcover : 32 Pages

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Benjamin the Wonderful Fairy hears a cry for help. Spike the Dragon is one of the mightiest dragons but he has something the matter. He cannot fly. "Legacy of The Dragon" is a heartwarming tale of learning to forgive. Here's The Key!

Forgiveness Work by Arzoo Osanloo

Genre : Social Science
Editor : Princeton University Press
Release : 2020-06-23
ISBN-13 : 9780691201535
Hardcover : 320 Pages

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A remarkable look at an understudied feature of the Iranian justice system, where forgiveness is as much a right of victims as retribution Iran’s criminal courts are notorious for meting out severe sentences—according to Amnesty International, the country has the world’s highest rate of capital punishment per capita. Less known to outside observers, however, is the Iranian criminal code’s recognition of forgiveness, where victims of violent crimes, or the families of murder victims, can request the state to forgo punishing the criminal. Forgiveness Work shows that in the Iranian justice system, forbearance is as much a right of victims as retribution. Drawing on extended interviews and first-hand observations of more than eighty murder trials, Arzoo Osanloo explores why some families of victims forgive perpetrators and how a wide array of individuals contribute to the fraught business of negotiating reconciliation. Based on Qur’anic principles, Iran’s criminal codes encourage mercy and compel judicial officials to help parties reach a settlement. As no formal regulations exist to guide those involved, an informal cottage industry has grown around forgiveness advocacy. Interested parties—including attorneys, judges, social workers, the families of victims and perpetrators, and even performing artists—intervene in cases, drawing from such sources as scripture, ritual, and art to stir feelings of forgiveness. These actors forge new and sometimes conflicting strategies to secure forbearance, and some aim to reform social attitudes and laws on capital punishment. Forgiveness Work examines how an Islamic victim-centered approach to justice sheds light on the conditions of mercy.

Genre : History
Editor : Xulon Press
Release : 2017-08-31
ISBN-13 : 1545611394
Hardcover : 208 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

One life, two choice: hate or forgiveness? Which one will you choose? From childhood to adulthood, a father I sometimes likened to Hitler, bombings, fear, starvation, and emotional despair from ever feeling loved, find out through my story which choice I will make. "A strong story written by a strong woman, yet at the heart of her story is grace and mercy and love. If you have any disappointments in your life, I recommend this book for healing and encouragement." --Honorable J. Gary Pate, Circuit Court Judge, Retired Tenth Judicial Circuit of Alabama Rosemarie Reinhard Musso is currently a practicing family law attorney who earned her Juris Doctor degree at Birmingham School of Law and is a Certified Guardian ad Litem and Mediator. She is a member of the Alabama State Bar and the Birmingham Bar Association, Solo Practitioners and the Association of Jefferson County Family Court Advocates; she has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management of Human Resources from Faulkner University. She is a licensed and ordained minister as well as a Motivational Speaker. She shares her struggles and pain of growing up under the horrific Nazi regime during WWII. She not only experienced starvation, fear of screeching sirens and bombings, but the worse starvation she experienced was the absence of love. As you read her compelling story of survival and constant fear of death during the years of growing up under the terror-driven times in Nazi Germany, it will instill in you the desire to overcome and not to succumb or surrender to hate and fear, but to overcome disappointments, hurts, and pressures of this life with love and forgiveness. She has appeared as guest on the Dr. Marie Blackwell's TV Program (Glen Iris Baptist Church), the Promised Land (Public TV Program), shared her story at Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, Wheaton College, Chicago, and appeared on TLN TV Network, Chicago--Aspiring Women.

Forgiveness And Mercy by Jeffrie G. Murphy

Genre : Law
Editor : Cambridge University Press
Release : 1990-08-31
ISBN-13 : 0521395674
Hardcover : 194 Pages

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This book focuses on the degree to which certain moral and legal doctrines are rooted in specific passions that are then institutionalised in the form of criminal law. A philosophical analysis is developed of the following questions: when, if ever, should hatred be overcome by sympathy or compassion? What are forgiveness and mercy and to what degree do they require - both conceptually and morally - the overcoming of certain passions and the motivation by other passions? If forgiveness and mercy indeed are moral virtues, what role, if any, should they play in the law?

Forgiveness by Mark Sakamoto

Genre : Biography & Autobiography
Editor : HarperCollins Canada
Release : 2014-06-03
ISBN-13 : 9781443417990
Hardcover : 256 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

#1 NATIONAL BESTSELLER When the Second World War broke out, Ralph MacLean chose to escape his troubled life on the Magdalen Islands in eastern Canada and volunteer to serve his country overseas. Meanwhile, in Vancouver, Mitsue Sakamoto saw her family and her stable community torn apart after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Like many young Canadian soldiers, Ralph was captured by the Japanese army. He would spend the war in prison camps, enduring pestilence, beatings and starvation, as well as a journey by hell ship to Japan to perform slave labour, while around him his friends and countrymen perished. Back in Canada, Mitsue and her family were expelled from their home by the government and forced to spend years eking out an existence in rural Alberta, working other people's land for a dollar a day. By the end of the war, Ralph emerged broken but a survivor. Mitsue, worn down by years of back-breaking labour, had to start all over again in Medicine Hat, Alberta. A generation later, at a high school dance, Ralph's daughter and Mitsue's son fell in love. Although the war toyed with Ralph's and Mitsue's lives and threatened to erase their humanity, these two brave individuals somehow surmounted enormous transgressions and learned to forgive. Without this forgiveness, their grandson Mark Sakamoto would never have come to be.

In Praise Of Forgiveness by Massimo Recalcati

Genre : Education
Editor : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2020-05-19
ISBN-13 : 9781509534913
Hardcover : 200 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Relationships fall apart, marriages fail, couples break up – it happens to us all. Time corrodes passion and the routines of daily life kill the excitement that surrounds the emotion of the first encounter. The difficulty of uniting sexual pleasure with love, which Freud considered to be the most common neurosis in any love life, has become emblematic of a truth that seems undeniable: desire is destined to die if its object is not constantly renewed, if we do not change partner, if it is closed for too long in the restrictive chamber of the same bond. And yet what happens to these bonds when one of the two partners betrays the other, when the promise fails, when there is another emotional experience cloaked in secrecy and deceit? What happens if the traitor then begs forgiveness? Are they asking to be loved again and, having declared that it is not like it used to be, now want everything to go back to how it was? Should we make fun of lovers in their attempts to make love last? Or should we try to face up to the experience of betrayal, with the offence caused by the person we love most? Should we not perhaps attempt to praise forgiveness in love?

The Gospel Of Forgiveness by Robert Smith Candlish

Genre : Law (Theology)
Editor :
Release : 1878
ISBN-13 : IOWA:31858049673563
Hardcover : 491 Pages

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The Art Of Forgiveness by Swami Nikhilananda

Genre : Religion
Editor : Central Chinmaya Mission Trust
Release : 2019-05-11
ISBN-13 :
Hardcover : 48 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

THE ART OF FORGIVENESS The first step towards forgiveness is to understand the negativities that are created by non-forgiveness, and to become aware of the futility and irrationality of nursing grudges. It is crucial to take a decision to forgive, because it is only then that the whole process of unravelling begins. Forgiveness is not an action or emotion, it is something deeper. It is a state of being. When forgiveness happens there is no need to say anything. It is a state where there remains no sense of revenge. SWAMI NIKHILANANDA In this enlightening booklet, Swami Nikhilananda, in his beautiful words, discusses the law of karma and the demerits of non-forgiveness. He goes on to explain how understanding the need to forgive is not enough, and elaborates on the steps one can take towards forgiveness.