The Essentials Of Family Therapy by Michael P. Nichols

Genre : Medical
Editor : Pearson College Division
Release : 2013-01-07
ISBN-13 : 0205249000
Hardcover : 320 Pages

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Illustrates family therapy techniques. With its clinical focus and extremely practical presentation, The Essentials of Family Therapy, 6/e examines the rich history, classic schools, and latest developments in family therapy. The sixth edition is edited to focus more on the contemporary clinical practice and case studies illustrating family therapy techniques. Written by a leading family therapist, descriptions of the various models are based on actual experience. Learning Goals Upon completing this book, readers will be able to: Utilize various family therapy techniques. Recognize the techniques of successful contemporaries in the field. Understand why research has failed to influence clinical practice.

Genre : Political Science
Editor : Allyn & Bacon
Release : 2005-12-01
ISBN-13 : 0205488137
Hardcover : 384 Pages

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The Essentials of Family Therapy, Second Edition, by counseling experts Michael P. Nichols and Richard C. Schwartz, examines the rich history, classic schools, and latest developments of family therapy while emphasizing clinical practice. This book includes the latest models, treatment of basic clinical practice, research, ethics, and diversity every professional must know, as well as a rich description of the contemporary influences on the field. This new edition includes expanded treatment of ethical issues, more material on diversity issues, a new chapter on research, and a new section on in-home therapy further arm practicing therapists with practical knowledge.

Essentials Of Family Therapy by William M. Walsh

Genre : Psychology
Editor :
Release : 2002-01-01
ISBN-13 : 0891082972
Hardcover : 180 Pages

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Provides an overview of several popular systemic approaches to family therapy. This book is designed for counseling and social work graduate students in family systems and in marriage and family therapy classes. It is also useful for clinicians in practice and professionals preparing for licensure examination.

Genre : Political Science
Editor : Pearson
Release : 2019-04-24
ISBN-13 : 0135167795
Hardcover : 384 Pages

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Genre : Psychology
Editor : Guilford Publications
Release : 2018-01-25
ISBN-13 : 9781462533435
Hardcover : 333 Pages

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"This book focuses on students, a pragmatic approach to treatment, regard for multidisciplinary perspectives, and respect for the influence of families on clients. Chapter 1 identifies concerns that new therapists frequently have, such as building confidence in their clinical work. Chapters 2-6 follow the usual time sequence of therapy--from initial contact with clients, to comprehensive assessment, to treatment planning and intervention. Chapters 7-10 deal with specific clinical situations based on presenting problems and the nature of client families. We examine major issues and approaches for working with children and adolescents, older adults, couples, and families that are struggling with serious mental illness. Chapter 11 highlights some common obstacles all therapists encounter, and provides concrete ideas on how to get unstuck when treatment is not progressing. Chapter 12 focuses on an often overlooked part of therapy--termination. In Chapter 13, we conclude the book by looking at emerging issues within family therapy"--

Family Therapy by Michael P. Nichols

Genre : Psychology
Editor : Prentice Hall
Release : 2012-07
ISBN-13 : 0205827195
Hardcover : 391 Pages

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Mike Nichols' engaging yet thorough guide has long been the standard in family therapy. The author describes and analyzes the field of family therapy, covering its history, schools, and developments. Numerous cases help readers appy theories to real situations and make the text even more engaging. Upon completing this book, readers will be able to: Describe clinical approaches Understand old and new developments in the field of family therapy Analyze successes and failures in research and the impact on current clinical practices Compare different schools of family therapy and explain the contemporary status of distinct schools of therapy Note: MySearchLab does not come automatically packaged with this text. To purchase MySearchLab, please visit: or you can purchase a ValuePack of the text + MySearchLab (at no additional cost).

Systemic Family Therapy by Jon L. Winek

Genre : Psychology
Editor : SAGE Publications
Release : 2009-07-27
ISBN-13 : 9781483362052
Hardcover : 368 Pages

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No other available text offers such a hands-on approach to marriage and family therapy theory. At the core of Systemic Family Therapy are comprehensive sections devoted to each developmental phase of the family therapy movement. With clear descriptions and session-by-session case examples, the author explores specific approaches within each of these phases. With this pragmatic tenor, students will gain a clear and in-depth understanding of how family theory concepts relate to practice–as well as ways those concepts interact with each other. Key Features Uses specific examples and session-by-session case studies to illustrate how theoretical construct actually work in practice Outlines the shifts in thinking of the family therapy field–from modern to postmodern Uses rich graphic representations and straightforward tables to illustrate key theoretical concepts Incorporates compelling questions and learning exercises that will lead to dynamic class discussions Intended Audience A refreshing departure from traditional instruction of family therapy theory, this core textbook is an excellent resource for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students of family therapy, counseling, social work, and family studies.

Genre : Psychology
Editor : Guilford Press
Release : 2009-07-21
ISBN-13 : 9781606237359
Hardcover : 286 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Readable and concise yet immensely informative, this bestselling text prepares students and new therapists to work confidently and effectively in real-world clinical practice with families. The authors offer wise and compassionate guidance on everything from intake and assessment to treatment planning, the nuts and bolts of specific interventions, the nuances of establishing therapeutic relationships, and how to troubleshoot when treatment gets “stuck.” They help the novice clinician navigate typical dilemmas and concerns, and spell out the basics of therapist self-care. Vivid case examples, sample forms, and quick-reference tables enhance the utility of the text. New to This Edition *Updated throughout to reflect current clinical findings and practices. *Many new or revised case examples. *Now more integrative--shows how to flexibly draw on multiple theories and techniques. *New topics, including "Dealing with Clients We Dislike." See also the authors' Essential Assessment Skills for Couple and Family Therapists, which shows how to weave assessment into all phases of therapy, and Clinician's Guide to Research Methods in Family Therapy.

Genre : Psychology
Editor : Routledge
Release : 2012-08-21
ISBN-13 : 9781136243417
Hardcover : 312 Pages

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This unique text uses one common case to demonstrate the applications of a wide range of family therapy models. Readers will find it useful when studying for the national family therapy licensing exam, which requires that exam takers be able to apply these models to case vignettes. The authors, all of whom are practicing family therapists, apply their chosen model of family therapy to a single, hypothetical case to highlight what each model looks like in practice. Beginning therapists will find the exposure to new ideas about therapy useful, and will be better able to establish which approaches they want to explore in more depth. Experienced therapists and supervisors will find it useful to understand what “those other family therapists” are doing, and to meet the challenge of supervising those from different perspectives. Family Therapy Review is the practical tool therapists need to make sense of the field, and meet the varied challenges their clients present.

Casebook In Family Therapy by David M. Lawson

Genre : Psychology
Editor : Brooks/Cole Publishing Company
Release : 1999
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015046875848
Hardcover : 358 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

This unique book presents actual case transcripts based on 12 different theories of family therapy. Each author describes his or her theoretical orientation and then presents transcripts, interspersed with commentary on how the model of therapy is expressed in the sessions. This blend of theory and practice is ideal for students who understand basic principles of family therapy, yet need an illustration of how to put these concepts into practice. No other text includes the gamut of family therapy models, with specific transcripts of why, when, how, and what therapists say to their clients.