The Emerald Horizon by Jean Grainger

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Release : 2020-03-09
ISBN-13 : 9798622907418
Hardcover : 390 Pages

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Berlin, 1944Ariella Bannon is being hunted. Someone is determined to betray her, but she has survived against incredible odds, and the end is in sight. She will be reunited with her precious children, no matter what it takes.Meanwhile, Liesl and Erich have found a home in Ireland away from the chaos of war-ravaged Europe. As the dark news of what has happened to their fellow Jews filters through, they are torn - love for their mother and their home on one hand, and the profound sense of peace and belonging they have in Ballycreggan on the other. Like all of the other children who escaped Nazi territory on the Kindertransport, they must wait to hear the fate of their loved ones.For their foster parents, Elizabeth and Daniel, their dearest wish, that Ariella would survive the war, is also their deepest fear. Would her return mean the loss of the children they have come to think of as their own?As the Third Reich crumbles under relentless Allied bombs, Ariella is careful, but Berlin is a very dangerous place to be, and somebody knows she survived. Can she take one last enormous risk to be reunited with Liesl and Erich or will her betrayer see her finally captured?The Emerald Horizon is the long awaited sequel to the best-seller, The Star and the Shamrock.

The Emerald Horizon by Cornelia F. Mutel

Genre : History
Editor : University of Iowa Press
Release : 2008-03-01
ISBN-13 : 9781587297472
Hardcover : 319 Pages

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In The Emerald Horizon, Cornelia Mutel combines lyrical writing with meticulous scientific research to portray the environmental past, present, and future of Iowa. In doing so, she ties all of Iowa's natural features into one comprehensive whole. Since so much of the tallgrass state has been transformed into an agricultural landscape, Mutel focuses on understanding today’s natural environment by understanding yesterday’s changes. After summarizing the geological, archaeological, and ecological features that shaped Iowa’s modern landscape, she recreates the once-wild native communities that existed prior to Euroamerican settlement. Next she examines the dramatic changes that overtook native plant and animal communities as Iowa’s prairies, woodlands, and wetlands were transformed. Finally she presents realistic techniques for restoring native species and ecological processes as well as a broad variety of ways in which Iowans can reconnect with the natural world. Throughout, in addition to the many illustrations commissioned for this book, she offers careful scientific exposition, a strong sense of respect for the land, and encouragement to protect the future by learning from the past. The “emerald prairie” that “gleamed and shone to the horizon’s edge,” as botanist Thomas Macbride described it in 1895, has vanished. Cornelia Mutel’s passionate dedication to restoring this damaged landscape—and by extension the transformed landscape of the entire Corn Belt—invigorates her blend of natural history and human history. Believing that citizens who are knowledgeable about native species, communities, and ecological processes will better care for them, she gives us hope—and sound suggestions—for the future.

The Star And The Shamrock by Jean Grainger

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Release : 2020-03-09
ISBN-13 : 9798622905520
Hardcover : 442 Pages

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Ariella Bannon has no choice: she must put her precious children, Liesl and Erich, on that train or allow them to become prey for the Nazis. Berlin 1939. When her husband doesn't come home one day, Ariella realises that the only way she can ensure her children's safety is to avail of the Kindertransport, but can she bear to let them go?Elizabeth Klein has closed herself off from the world. Losing her husband on the last day of the Great War, and her child months later, she cannot, will not, love again. It hurts too much. But she is all Liesl and Erich Bannon have. Thrown together in the wild countryside of Northern Ireland, Elizabeth and the Bannon children discover that life in the country is anything but tranquil. Danger and intrigue lurk everywhere, and some people are not what they seem. From the streets of wartime Berlin, to the bombed out city of Liverpool, and finally resting in the lush valleys of the Ards Penisula, The Star and The Shamrock from USA Today bestselling author Jean Grainger, is unputdownable.

Emerald City by Matthew W. Klingle

Genre : Science
Editor : Yale University Press
Release : 2008-10-01
ISBN-13 : 0300150121
Hardcover : 368 Pages

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"At the foot of the snow-capped Cascade Mountains on the forested shores of Puget Sound, Seattle is set in a location of spectacular natural beauty, Boosters of the city have long capitalized on this splendor, recently likening it to the fairytale capital of L. Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz, the Emerald City. But just as Dorothy, Toto, and their traveling companions discover a darker reality upon entering the green gates of the imaginary Emerald City. those who look more closely at Seattle's landscape will find that it reveals a history marked by environmental degradation and urban inequality. This book explores the role of nature in the development of the city of Seattle from the earliest days of its settlement to the present. Combining environmental history, urban history, and human geography, Matthew Klingle shows how attempts to reshape nature in and around Seattle have often ended not only in ecological disaster but also in social inequality. The price of Seattle's centuries of growth and progress has been high. Its wildlife, especially the famous Pacific salmon, and its poorest residents have paid the highest price. Klingle proposes a bold new way of understanding the interdependence between nature and culture, and he argues for what he calls an 'ethic of place.' Using Seattle as a compelling case study, he offers important insights for every city seeking to live in harmony with its natural landscape"--Provided by publisher.

The Emerald Light In The Air by Donald Antrim

Genre : Fiction
Editor : Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Release : 2014-09-02
ISBN-13 : 9780374712402
Hardcover : 176 Pages

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Nothing is simple for the men and women in Donald Antrim's stories. As they do the things we all do—bum a cigarette at a party, stroll with a girlfriend down Madison Avenue, take a kid to the zoo—they're confronted with their own uncooperative selves. These artists, writers, lawyers, teachers, and actors make fools of themselves, spiral out of control, have delusions of grandeur, despair, and find it hard to imagine a future. They talk, they listen, they hope, they dream. They look for communion in a city, both beautiful and menacing, which can promise so much and yield so little. But they are hungry for life. They want to love and be loved. These stories, all published in The New Yorker over the last fifteen years, make it clear that Antrim is one of America's most important writers. His work has been praised by his significant contemporaries, including Jonathan Franzen, Thomas Pynchon, Jeffrey Eugenides, and George Saunders, who described The Verificationist as "one of the most pleasure-giving, funny, perverse, complicated, addictive novels of the last twenty years." And here is Antrim's best book yet: the story collection that reveals him as a master of the form.

The Emerald Chase by Cap Daniels

Genre : Fiction
Editor : Chase Fulton Novels
Release : 2020-05-13
ISBN-13 : 1951021029
Hardcover : 270 Pages

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Politics, Central American cartels, federal fugitives, and three hundred hostages . . . That's just the beginning of Chase Fulton's newest assignment.When an apparent eco-terrorist threatens to decimate the largest oil producer in the western hemisphere, tensions rise, hundreds of human lives are on the line, and fortunes lay in the balance. Chase and his covert ops team must pull off one of the most daring hostage rescue operations ever attempted, and it has to be done without making the evening news.As the drama unfolds, the hostage situation is just the tip of the iceberg as Chase faces the possibility of losing the most important person in his life. Will he find answers to the storm of questions that threatens to rip his life apart, or will he fall prey to a mysterious watcher and a misguided federal officer who stand between him and all he holds dear?From the unforgiving depths of the offshore oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico, to the Desert Southwest where greed meets guilt and evidence battles innocence, this installment of the Chase Fulton Novels series promises to deliver thrills, drama, and intrigue like never before.

What Once Was True by Jean Grainger

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Editor : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2018-06-26
ISBN-13 : 198414264X
Hardcover : 394 Pages

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Robinswood, Co Waterford, 1939. The once grand house is home to two very different families. Despite delusions of grandeur, Lord and Lady Kenefick and their adult children, live a life of decayed opulence as the money needed to keep such a large house and grounds ever dwindles. Meanwhile, the Murphy family, Dermot, Isabella and their three almost grown up girls, live and work on the estate and do their best to keep everything running smoothly. Social structure is vital. Everyone knows their place, but as war looms, both families find themselves drawn into the conflict and begin questioning everything that once was true. From the leafy grounds of an Irish stately home, to the bombed out streets of London in the Blitz, allow yourself to be swept away once more in Jean Grainger's latest historical saga.

The Tour by Jean Grainger

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Release : 2020-03-09
ISBN-13 : 9798623155399
Hardcover : 492 Pages

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Take a tour you'll never forget as you navigate the stunning vistas of gorgeous Ireland along with the hearts and minds of a cast of characters who will live with you, long after you've finished the last page. During a routine tour of Ireland, tour guide Conor O'Shea finds himself on a journey of his own through the lives of his hilarious companions as together they navigate both the Irish countryside and the secrets of their individual lives. A Wall Street banker, a divorcee, a musician, a cop, and a professor all enter Ireland with something on their minds, and throughout their journey with Conor as their guide, they each begin to show something of themselves against the spectacular backdrop of Ireland. As colourful and turbulent as an Irish hillside, The Tour offers more than just a look at one of the world's most beautiful places, but contrasts Ireland's open skyways and idyllic views against the secret lives of the individual. Witty, informative, and with a touch of romance, The Tour offers a unique look at the lives of others as they travel the Emerald Isle

Becoming Digital by Vincent Mosco

Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
Editor : Emerald Group Publishing
Release : 2017-11-06
ISBN-13 : 9781787432956
Hardcover : 248 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

This book examines the convergence of Cloud Computing, Big Data, and the Internet of Things to forge the Next Internet. Ubiquitous computing enables universal communication, concentration of power, privacy erosion, environmental degradation, and massive automation and this title explores solving these issues to create a democratic digital world.

Marketing by Stefan Lagrosen

Genre : Marketing
Editor :
Release : 2006
ISBN-13 : 9144039832
Hardcover : 306 Pages

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