Genre : Business & Economics
Editor : W. W. Norton & Company
Release : 2018-02-13
ISBN-13 : 9780393651379
Hardcover : 352 Pages

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Global inequality doesn’t just exist; it has been created. More than four billion people—some 60 percent of humanity—live in debilitating poverty, on less than $5 per day. The standard narrative tells us this crisis is a natural phenomenon, having to do with things like climate and geography and culture. It tells us that all we have to do is give a bit of aid here and there to help poor countries up the development ladder. It insists that if poor countries would only adopt the right institutions and economic policies, they could overcome their disadvantages and join the ranks of the rich world. Anthropologist Jason Hickel argues that this story ignores the broader political forces at play. Global poverty—and the growing inequality between the rich countries of Europe and North America and the poor ones of Africa, Asia, and South America—has come about because the global economy has been designed over the course of five hundred years of conquest, colonialism, regime change, and globalization to favor the interests of the richest and most powerful nations. Global inequality is not natural or inevitable, and it is certainly not accidental. To close the divide, Hickel proposes dramatic action rooted in real justice: abolishing debt burdens in the global South, democratizing the institutions of global governance, and rolling out an international minimum wage, among many other vital steps. Only then will we have a chance at a world where all begin on more equal footing.

The Divide by Jason Hickel

Genre : Social Science
Editor : Random House
Release : 2017-05-04
ISBN-13 : 9781473539273
Hardcover : 368 Pages

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________________ As seen on Sky News All Out Politics ‘There’s no understanding global inequality without understanding its history. In The Divide, Jason Hickel brilliantly lays it out, layer upon layer, until you are left reeling with the outrage of it all.’ - Kate Raworth, author of Doughnut Economics · The richest eight people control more wealth than the poorest half of the world combined. · Today, 60 per cent of the world’s population lives on less than $5 a day. · Though global real GDP has nearly tripled since 1980, 1.1 billion more people are now living in poverty. For decades we have been told a story: that development is working, that poverty is a natural phenomenon and will be eradicated through aid by 2030. But just because it is a comforting tale doesn’t make it true. Poor countries are poor because they are integrated into the global economic system on unequal terms, and aid only helps to hide this. Drawing on pioneering research and years of first-hand experience, The Divide tracks the evolution of global inequality – from the expeditions of Christopher Columbus to the present day – offering revelatory answers to some of humanity’s greatest problems. It is a provocative, urgent and ultimately uplifting account of how the world works, and how it can change for the better.

The Divide by Matt Taibbi

Genre : Political Science
Editor : Spiegel & Grau
Release : 2014-04-08
ISBN-13 : 9780679645467
Hardcover : 448 Pages

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY THE WASHINGTON POST, NPR, AND KIRKUS REVIEWS A scathing portrait of an urgent new American crisis Over the last two decades, America has been falling deeper and deeper into a statistical mystery: Poverty goes up. Crime goes down. The prison population doubles. Fraud by the rich wipes out 40 percent of the world’s wealth. The rich get massively richer. No one goes to jail. In search of a solution, journalist Matt Taibbi discovered the Divide, the seam in American life where our two most troubling trends—growing wealth inequality and mass incarceration—come together, driven by a dramatic shift in American citizenship: Our basic rights are now determined by our wealth or poverty. The Divide is what allows massively destructive fraud by the hyperwealthy to go unpunished, while turning poverty itself into a crime—but it’s impossible to see until you look at these two alarming trends side by side. In The Divide, Matt Taibbi takes readers on a galvanizing journey through both sides of our new system of justice—the fun-house-mirror worlds of the untouchably wealthy and the criminalized poor. He uncovers the startling looting that preceded the financial collapse; a wild conspiracy of billionaire hedge fund managers to destroy a company through dirty tricks; and the story of a whistleblower who gets in the way of the largest banks in America, only to find herself in the crosshairs. On the other side of the Divide, Taibbi takes us to the front lines of the immigrant dragnet; into the newly punitive welfare system which treats its beneficiaries as thieves; and deep inside the stop-and-frisk world, where standing in front of your own home has become an arrestable offense. As he narrates these incredible stories, he draws out and analyzes their common source: a perverse new standard of justice, based on a radical, disturbing new vision of civil rights. Through astonishing—and enraging—accounts of the high-stakes capers of the wealthy and nightmare stories of regular people caught in the Divide’s punishing logic, Taibbi lays bare one of the greatest challenges we face in contemporary American life: surviving a system that devours the lives of the poor, turns a blind eye to the destructive crimes of the wealthy, and implicates us all. Praise for The Divide “Ambitious . . . deeply reported, highly compelling . . . impossible to put down.”—The New York Times Book Review “These are the stories that will keep you up at night. . . . The Divide is not just a report from the new America; it is advocacy journalism at its finest.”—Los Angeles Times “Taibbi is a relentless investigative reporter. He takes readers inside not only investment banks, hedge funds and the blood sport of short-sellers, but into the lives of the needy, minorities, street drifters and illegal immigrants. . . . The Divide is an important book. Its documentation is powerful and shocking.”—The Washington Post “Captivating . . . The Divide enshrines its author’s position as one of the most important voices in contemporary American journalism.”—The Independent (UK) “Taibbi [is] perhaps the greatest reporter on Wall Street’s crimes in the modern era.”—Salon

Crossing The Divide by Lynn Stansbury

Genre : Fiction
Editor : iUniverse
Release : 2020-09-29
ISBN-13 : 9781663206633
Hardcover : 284 Pages

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In Reagan-era Colorado, Forest Ranger Will Britt falls to a mysterious death, and his wife Noni is left with their new baby to defend their ranch and her dreams of a Wild West Peaceable Kingdom from a predatory US Senator, who wants to open the National Forest for coal development, and his local agent Petersen Tolstad, a neigbor and damaged Nam vet, who might have been a friend and now may be an enemy. In the modern literary western tradition of Normal MacLean, Thomas McGuane, and Louise Erdrich, Crossing the Divide asks: Who owns the West? And who owns love?

Across The Plains And Over The Divide by Randall Henry Hewitt

Genre : Northwestern States
Editor :
Release : 1906
ISBN-13 : UCAL:B4872345
Hardcover : 521 Pages

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A View From The Divide by Lee Gutkind

Genre : Literary Collections
Editor : University of Pittsburgh Pre
Release : 1998
ISBN-13 : 0822956853
Hardcover : 208 Pages

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In the tradition of Lewis Thomas, Stephen J. Gould, and Oliver Sachs, this special double issue of Creative Nonfiction, the only exclusively nonfiction literary journal, demonstrates the many ways in which aspects of the scientific world—from biology, medicine, physics, and astronomy—can be captured and dramatized for a humanities-oriented readership. Edited and introduced by the award-winning author of Many Sleepless Nights , An Unspoken Art, and A View from the Divide includes a diverse range of voices, from poets to immunologists and physicists, from established writers to up-and-coming new talent.

Back To The Divide by Elizabeth Kay

Genre : Children's stories
Editor :
Release : 2006-04
ISBN-13 : 1905294190
Hardcover : 384 Pages

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Snakeweed, the arch villain is at large. Having failed to sell bad magic to the real world, he wants to go back home. All he needs is the spell hidden in Felix's notebook.

The Divide by Michael Bedard

Genre : Juvenile Fiction
Editor : Tundra Books (NY)
Release : 1997
ISBN-13 : 088776407X
Hardcover : 32 Pages

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As a child, author Willa Cather moved to the stark lands of Nebraska. In time she learned to appreciate the wild beauty of the prairie and the sturdy pioneers who made it their home.

The Divide by Elizabeth Kay

Genre :
Editor : Paw Prints
Release : 2009-07-10
ISBN-13 : 144203260X
Hardcover : 312 Pages

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While hiking on the Continental Divide of Costa Rica, a young boy with a heart condition falls into a magical otherworld full of fantastical creatures.

How Wide The Divide by Craig L. Blomberg

Genre : Religion
Editor : InterVarsity Press
Release : 2009-09-20
ISBN-13 : 0830875646
Hardcover : Pages

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Voted one of Christianity Today's 1998 Books of the Year! Mormons and evangelicals don't often get along very well, at least not once they begin to discuss their religious beliefs. They often set about trying to convert one another, considering the faith the other holds as defective in some critical way. Unfortunately, much of what they say about one another simply isn't true. False stereotypes abound on both sides, preventing genuine and helpful communication. Having discovered this sad state of affairs, Craig Blomberg, a committed evangelical scholar, and Stephen Robinson, a committed Mormon scholar, set out to listen to one another and to ferret out the real agreements and disagreements between them. In the conversation that develops, you will read what each believes about key theological issues--the nature and bounds of Scripture, the nature of God and deification, the person of Christ and the Trinity, and the essentials of salvation--and see how they interact with one another. What they agree on may surprise you. Though this book does not sweep differences under the rug, it is meant to help Mormons and evangelicals know and tell the truth about one another. It does not expect to end evangelistic efforts from either side. In fact, it may help to promote more effective communication because it can help to get rid of misrepresentations from both sides. In the end, however, you will be able to judge for yourself just how wide the divide between them is.