Genre : Biography & Autobiography
Editor : Musaicum Books
Release : 2017-05-05
ISBN-13 : 9788075831972
Hardcover : 186 Pages

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Alice was an American-born member of the Parisian avant-garde of the early 20th century, and the life partner Gertrude Stein. The book starts with Alice's days in San Francisco, before she moved to France, then describes her moving to Paris, meeting Gertrude, and starting their life together. The book had mixed reception, both among critics and Stein's friends, but the success of it was great. Today it is ranked it as one of the 20 greatest English-language nonfiction books of the 20th century. Gertrude Stein (1874-1946) was an American novelist, poet, playwright and art collector, best known for Three Lives, The Making of Americans and Tender Buttons. Stein moved to Paris in 1903, and made France her home for the remainder of her life. Picasso and Cubism were an important influence on Stein's writing. Her works are compared to James Joyce's Ulysses and to Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time.

Genre : Authors, American
Editor :
Release : 1966
ISBN-13 : OCLC:4275933
Hardcover : 272 Pages

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Autobiography of Gertrude Stein written by herself as though it were the autobiography of her secretary, Alice B. Toklas.

The Alice B Toklas Cook Book by Alice B. Toklas

Genre : Cooking
Editor : Harper Perennial
Release : 2010-08-10
ISBN-13 : 0061995363
Hardcover : 320 Pages

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Long before Julia Child discovered French cooking, Alice B. Toklas was sampling local dishes, collecting recipes, and cooking for the writers, artists, and expats who lived in Paris between the wars. Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Wilder, Matisse, and Picasso shared meals at the home she kept with Gertrude Stein, who famously memorialized her in The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas. The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book, however, is her true memoir: a collection of traditional French recipes that predates Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Toklas supplies familiar recipes such as coq au vin, bouillabaisse, and boeuf bourguignon, along with what is perhaps the earliest instructions for haschich fudge (“which anyone could whip up on a rainy day"), and she entertains with fascinating memories of Paris—Toklas' home for most of her life—and of rural France, Spain, and America.

Everybody S Autobiography by Gertrude Stein

Genre : Biography & Autobiography
Editor : Vintage
Release : 2013-03-13
ISBN-13 : 9780307829771
Hardcover : 320 Pages

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“Alice B. Toklas wrote hers and now everybody will write theirs.” In 1933 Gertrude Stein’s The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas skyrocketed to the top of the bestseller lists, and the author found herself a celebrity. Everybody’s Autobiography is the very Steinian account of her soul-satisfying next five years in France, England, and America, where she made a triumphant tour of the country. Here are Stein’s devastating analyses of some of the major figures of the day whom she met—among them Dashiell Hammett, Charlie Chaplin, Pablo Picasso, Marianne Moore, Mrs. Roosevelt, and Sherwood Anderson—and also of her own life and work.

Staying On Alone by Alice B. Toklas

Genre : Biography & Autobiography
Editor : W W Norton & Company Incorporated
Release : 1982
ISBN-13 : 0871401312
Hardcover : 426 Pages

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Alice B. Toklas' correspondence during the last twenty years of her life provides insight into her friendships and associations as well as the art and literary circles of the era

Beloved Dog by Maira Kalman

Genre : Pets
Editor : Penguin
Release : 2015-10-27
ISBN-13 : 9780399564307
Hardcover : 160 Pages

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Maira Kalman, with wit and great sensitivity, reveals why dogs bring out the best in us Maira Kalman + Dogs = Bliss Dogs have lessons for us all. In Beloved Dog, renowned artist and author Maira Kalman illuminates our cherished companions as only she can. From the dogs lovingly illustrated in her acclaimed children’s books to the real-life pets who inspire her still, Kalman’s Beloved Dog is joyful, beautifully illustrated, and, as always, deeply philosophical. Here is Max Stravinsky, the dog poet of Oh-La-La (Max in Love)-fame, and her own Irish Wheaton Pete (almost named Einstein, until he revealed himself to be “clearly no Einstein”), who also made an appearance in the delightful What Pete Ate: From A to Z. And of course, there is Boganch, Kalman’s in-laws’ “big black slobbering Hungarian Beast.” And that’s just the beginning. With humor and intelligence, Kalman gives voice to the dogs she adores, noting that they are constant reminders that life reveals the best of itself when we live fully in the moment and extend unconditional love. “And it is very true,” she writes, “that the most tender, complicated, most generous part of our being blossoms without any effort, when it comes to the love of a dog.”

Paris France by Gertrude Stein

Genre : Biography & Autobiography
Editor : W. W. Norton & Company
Release : 2013-06-24
ISBN-13 : 9780871407085
Hardcover : 160 Pages

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Matched only by Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast, Paris France is a "fresh and sagacious" (The New Yorker) classic of prewar France and its unforgettable literary eminences. Celebrated for her innovative literary bravura, Gertrude Stein (1874–1946) settled into a bustling Paris at the turn of the twentieth century, never again to return to her native America. While in Paris, she not only surrounded herself with—and tirelessly championed the careers of—a remarkable group of young expatriate artists but also solidified herself as "one of the most controversial figures of American letters" (New York Times). In Paris France (1940)—published here with a new introduction from Adam Gopnik—Stein unites her childhood memories of Paris with her observations about everything from art and war to love and cooking. The result is an unforgettable glimpse into a bygone era, one on the brink of revolutionary change.

Gertrude And Alice by Diana Souhami

Genre : Biography & Autobiography
Editor : Hachette UK
Release : 2013-05-16
ISBN-13 : 9781780878850
Hardcover : 387 Pages

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Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Tokas were the talk of pre-war Paris. Photographed by Cecil Beaton and Man Ray, painted by Picasso and written about by Hemingway, they were at the heart of Parisian cultural and literary life. Alice, convinced that Gertrude was a genius, cooked for her, typed her manuscripts and fought to obtain the fame she was convinced Gertrude was due. Alice said Gertrude was the happiest person she had ever known, and was besotted with her for the many years they were together. They were indomitable, charismatic, and wildly eccentric, driving around in ‘Auntie', their Ford, with Basket, their cherished poodle. In Gertrude and Alice, award-winning writer Diana Souhami brings these two extraordinary women, and the fascinating world in which they moved, to vivid life.

How To Write by Gertrude Stein

Genre : Literary Collections
Editor : Courier Dover Publications
Release : 2018-11-14
ISBN-13 : 9780486835587
Hardcover : 416 Pages

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First published in 1931, this volume offers Gertrude Stein's reflections on the art and craft of writing. Although written in her distinctive experimental style, the book is remarkably accessible and easy to read. The modernist author's characteristic humor is borne out by some of the chapter titles, "Saving the Sentence," "Arthur a Grammar," "Regular Regularly in Narrative," and "Finally George a Vocabulary." Stein's experimental style features elements such as disconnectedness, a love of refrain and rhyme, a search for rhythm and balance, a dislike of punctuation (especially the comma), and a repetition of words and phrases. Those who are unfamiliar with her Stein's work or have found it difficult to understand will discover in How to Write an excellent entrée to a unique literary voice and an imaginative approach to language that continues to inspire writers and readers.

What Is Remembered by Alice B. Toklas

Genre : Authors, American
Editor : Orbit Books
Release : 1963
ISBN-13 : 0747404399
Hardcover : 192 Pages

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In Alice B.Toklas' only account of her life with Gertrude Stein, she portrays a relationship that spanned two world wars and included friendships with some of the most celebrated literary figures of the time.