Sefer Yetzirah by Aryeh Kaplan

Genre : Religion
Editor : Weiser Books
Release : 1997-05-01
ISBN-13 : 1609254481
Hardcover : 424 Pages

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Now in its 7th printing since republication in 1997, the Sefer Yetzirah has established itself as a primary source for all serious students of Kabbalah. Rabbi Kaplan's translation of this oldest and most mysterious of all Kabbalistic texts provides a unique perspective on the meditative and magical aspects of Kabbalah. He expounds on the dynamics of the spiritual domain, the worlds of Sefirot, souls and angels. This translation is based on Gra version of the Sefer Yetzirah and includes the author's extraordinary commentary on all its mystical aspects including kabbalistic astrology, Ezekiel's vision and the 231 gates. Also included are three alternative versions to make this volume the most complete work on the Sefer Yetzirah available in English.

Genre : Religion
Editor : Nicolas-Hays, Inc.
Release : 2004-06-01
ISBN-13 : 0892545569
Hardcover : 78 Pages

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The Sepher Yetzirah, or Book of Formation, although very short, is probably the most important of the Kabalistic texts. Its secrets were passed on in the Hebrew oral tradition until it was written down in the 2nd century b.c.e. It lays out the principles of Kabalistic cosmology and the Tree of Life, how humankind (the microcosm) reflects the Divine (the macrocosm). It also sets forth the Hebrew doctrine of Logos--the creation of the world in numbers, letters, and sound. As such, it is a seminal text for all serious magicians. Stenring has made a word-for-word translation from several texts, choosing only those parts which he believed to be authentic. He reveals the text's secrets in his diagrams, tables, and extensive notes. His "Master Key to the Theoretical and Practical Kabala" is a diagram of the correspondences between the English and Hebrew alphabets and is not found in other translations of the Sepher Yetzirah. Also unique in this translation is Stenring's assignment of certain tarot cards to the paths on the Tree of Life. Several authors have done this before, but Stenring asserts that he arrived at his correspondences on his own. The introduction by Waite surveys the historical background of the Sepher Yetzirah translations and the import of this foundational Kabbalistic text.

Sefer Yetzirah by Akiba Ben Joseph

Genre : Religion
Editor :
Release : 2019-09-25
ISBN-13 : 1684223962
Hardcover : 66 Pages

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2019 Reprint of 1923 Edition. Full facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition software. Sefer, Book of Formation, or Book of Creation is the title of the earliest extant book on Jewish esotericism, although some early commentators treated it as a treatise on mathematical and linguistic theory as opposed to Kabbalah. Yetzirah is more literally translated as "Formation"; the word Briah is used for "Creation". The book is traditionally ascribed to the patriarch Abraham, although others attribute its writing to Rabbi Akiva. Modern scholars have not reached consensus on the question of its origins. According to Rabbi Saadia Gaon, the objective of the book's author was to convey in writing from a Jewish perspective how the things of our universe came into existence. Translated from the Hebrew, with annotations by Knut Stenring. Includes the 32 paths of wisdom, their correspondence with the Hebrew alphabet and the Tarot symbols and with an introduction by Arthur Edward Waite.

Book Of Creation by Aryeh Kaplan

Genre : Religion
Editor : Jason Aronson
Release : 1995-01-01
ISBN-13 : 1568215037
Hardcover : 388 Pages

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Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan has translated Sefer Yetzirah, the oldest and most mysterious of all kabbalistic texts, and now brings its theoretical, meditative, and magical implications to light. He expounds on the dynamics of the spiritual domain, the worlds of the Sefirot, souls, and angels. When properly understood, Sefer Yetzirah becomes the instruction manual for a very special type of meditation meant to strengthen concentration and to aid the development of telekinetic and telepathic powers.

Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
Editor : Book Tree
Release : 2006-09
ISBN-13 : 9781585092826
Hardcover : 124 Pages

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Considered to be the oldest known Jewish mystical text now an important part of Cabalistic studies. It first appeared in historical records during the first century C.E., but its principles had been passed down for centuries before this, with Jewish scholars believing that the patriarch Abraham had received the teachings directly.

Sefer Yetzirah Book Of Formation by Chaim ben Joseph Vital

Genre : Religion
Editor : Euniversity.Pub
Release : 2018
ISBN-13 : 8894956830
Hardcover : 118 Pages

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According to Kabbalah, matter does not exist by itself. As soon the letters of the Holy Alphabet are pronounced by the mouth of God, they materialize and become the actual object representing that word. Among the many versions, this edition with Lurianic notes is the most complete nowadays

Sefer Yetzirah by Meira Epstein

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Editor : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2018-08-21
ISBN-13 : 1726072959
Hardcover : 196 Pages

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Sefer Yetzirah is one of the oldest Jewish esoteric texts, which inspired mystics throughout the centuries, and it is hard to exaggerate its importance in the development of spiritual thought. In a concise style it describes the Divine Primordial Creation of the World --the Ten Sefirot, Physical Space, Calendric Time, the Human Body and Life Conditions-- by combining the primary Elements of Air, Fire and Water, with the creative power of Numbers and the 22 Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet as the Prima Materia.

Sepher Yetzirah by William Wynn Westcott

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Release : 2018-10-26
ISBN-13 : 9780993421075
Hardcover : 34 Pages

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The ?Sepher Yetzirah, ? or ?Book of Formation, ? is perhaps the oldest philosophical treatise which is yet extant in the Hebrew language. The great interest which has been evinced of late years in the Hebrew Kabalah, and the modes of thought and doctrine allied to it, has induced me to translate this volume from the original Hebrew texts, and to collate with them the Latin versions of mediaeval authorities. Three important books of the ?Zohar, ? or ?Splendour, ? which is the great storehouse of Kabalistic teaching, have been for the first time translated into English by that skilful and erudite Kabalist, my fellow student in occult science, MacGregor Mathers, and the ?Sepher Yetzirah? in an English translation is almost a necessary companion to these even more abstruse disquisitions: the two books indeed mutually explain each ot

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ISBN-13 : OCLC:999876150
Hardcover : 42 Pages

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Genre : Religion
Editor : University of Pennsylvania Press
Release : 2018-04-13
ISBN-13 : 9780812294798
Hardcover : 208 Pages

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Sefer Yeṣirah, or "Book of Formation," is one of the most influential Jewish compositions of late antiquity. First attested to in the tenth century C.E. and attributed by some to the patriarch Abraham himself, Sefer Yeṣirah claims that the world was created by the powers of the decimal number system and the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. This short, enigmatic treatise was considered canonical by Jewish philosophers and Kabbalists and has fascinated Western thinkers and writers as diverse as Leibnitz and Borges. Nonetheless, Sefer Yesirah is nearly impossible to contextualize, mainly owing to its unique style and the fact that it does not refer to, nor is it referenced by, any other source in late antiquity. After a century and a half of modern scholarship, the most fundamental questions regarding its origins remain contested: Who wrote Sefer Yeṣirah? Where and when was it written? What was its "original" version? What is the meaning of this treatise? In "Sefer Yeṣirah" and Its Contexts, Tzahi Weiss explores anew the history of this enigmatic work. Through careful scrutiny of the text's evolution, he traces its origins to the seventh century C.E., to Jews who lived far from rabbinic circles and were familiar with the teachings of Syriac Christianity. In addition, he examines the reception of Sefer Yeṣirah by anonymous commentators and laypeople who, as early as the twelfth century C.E., regarded Sefer Yeṣirah as a mystical, mythical, or magical treatise, thus significantly differing from the common rabbinic view in that period of the text as a philosophical and scientific work. Examined against the backdrop of this newly sketched historical context, Sefer Yeṣirah provides a unique and surprising aperture to little-known Jewish intellectual traditions of late antiquity and the early Middle Ages which, despite their distance from the rabbinic canon, played a vital role in the development of medieval Jewish learning and culture.