Roommaid by Sariah Wilson

Genre : Fiction
Editor : Montlake Romance
Release : 2020-10
ISBN-13 : 1542023807
Hardcover : 304 Pages

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From bestselling author Sariah Wilson comes a charming romance about living your life one dream at a time. Madison Huntington is determined to live her dreams. That means getting out from under her family's wealth and influence by saying no to the family business, her allowance, and her home. But on a teacher's salary, the real world comes as a rude awakening--especially when she wakes up every morning on a colleague's couch. To get a place of her own (without cockroaches, mold, or crime scene tape), Madison accepts a position as a roommaid. In exchange for free room and board, all she needs to do is keep her busy roommate's penthouse clean and his dog company. So what if she's never washed a dish in her life. She can figure this out, right? Madison is pretty confident she can fake it well enough that Tyler Roth will never know the difference. The finance whiz is rich and privileged and navigates the same social circles as her parents--but to him she's just a teacher in need of an apartment. He's everything Madison has run from, but his kindhearted nature, stomach-fluttering smile, and unexpected insecurities only make her want to get closer. And Tyler is warming to the move. Rewarding job. Perfect guy. Great future. With everything so right, what could go wrong? Madison is about to find out.

In The Maid S Room by Hagen Engler

Genre :
Editor :
Release : 2016-05-01
ISBN-13 : 1431423769
Hardcover : 213 Pages

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Maid To Order In Hong Kong by Nicole Constable

Genre : Social Science
Editor : Cornell University Press
Release : 1997
ISBN-13 : 0801483824
Hardcover : 230 Pages

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The forms of discipline range from physical abuse to intrusive regulations including restrictions on hair length and the prohibition of lipstick.

Night With Hotel Maid by Rex Pahel

Genre : Fiction
Editor : Rajan Patel
Release : 2017-11-17
ISBN-13 : 9788827518670
Hardcover : Pages

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Kevin was almost finishing his beer when he felt a slight touch on his shoulder. And when he looked over, his jaw almost hit the floorboards. He immediately knew that he wanted to talk to her and maybe get to spend the night with her. And from the look of things, it appeared she felt the same way. For Mature Audiences Only (18+)

Jane And The Stillroom Maid by Stephanie Barron

Genre : Fiction
Editor : Bantam
Release : 2001
ISBN-13 : 9780553578379
Hardcover : 321 Pages

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The horrifying mutilation murder of a young servant girl from a nearby estate in the Peak District draws author-turned-sleuth Jane Austen into a terrifying mystery that could lead her into a perilous search for a possible madman or into the mysterious secrets of Freemasonry. By the author of Jane and the Genius of Place. Reprint.

The Maid S Tale by Tom Quinn

Genre : Biography & Autobiography
Editor : Coronet
Release : 2011-09-15
ISBN-13 : 9781444735871
Hardcover : 192 Pages

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Praise for Lives of the Servants: `Reading this fascinating book is likely to unleash almost anyone?s Inner Bolshevik?!' Daily Mail `...a fascinating portrait of the drudgery and servility of a domestic's life.' The Age `...captures the subtleties of the English class system to an extraordinary degree.' Midstate Observer 'If the Brothers Grimm had ended Cinderella where she was being forced to clean the house by her stepsisters, they might have accidentally been writing Rose Plummer's biography. The maid's story makes for harsh, heartbreaking, fascinating reading.? The Daily Telegraph, NZ Born in 1910, Rose Plummer grew up in an East End slum, where she and fought an unending battle with hunger and squalor. At the age of fifteen, Rose started work as a live-in maid, and despite the poverty of her childhood, nothing could have prepared her for the long hours, the backbreaking work and the harshness of a world in which servants were treated as if they were less than human. But however difficult life became, Rose found something to laugh about, and her remarkable spirit and gift for friendship shines through in her memories of a now-vanished world.

The Expert Maid Servant by Cristine Terhune Herrick

Genre : History
Editor : The Floating Press
Release : 2014-02-01
ISBN-13 : 9781776531233
Hardcover : 68 Pages

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There has been a resurgence of interest in early-twentieth-century domestic service of late, due in large part to the remarkable popularity of the television series Downton Abbey. Many of the real-life analogues of the characters on that show probably owned a well-thumbed copy of Cristine Terhune Herrick's The Expert Maid-Servant, a comprehensive guide for those in service. The book offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives and responsibilities of maids and other household help, as well as many useful housekeeping tips.

Genre : Government publications
Editor :
Release : 1992
ISBN-13 : MINN:31951D016913785
Hardcover : 267 Pages

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Genre : Travel
Editor : Villard
Release : 2004-03-09
ISBN-13 : 9781588363992
Hardcover : 304 Pages

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Indispensable information for away-from-home lodging, from the author of the New York Times bestseller The Travel Detective In Hotel Secrets from the Travel Detective, America’s best-known and most trusted travel authority reveals the insider knowledge that can make every hotel stay as comfortable as (and sometimes even more cost-efficient than) home. With his incomparable access and nose for news, Peter Greenberg shares the secrets that people who know hotels—managers, maids, reservation clerks, bellhops, chefs, and maintenance guys—don’t want you to know about value, service, safety, security, and cleanliness. Tips include: • How to tell if your room is really clean • What never to order from room service • The real way to prevent hotel crime • How to beat excessive hotel phone charges • The exact rooms where headline-making events took place Drawn from the author’s experiences as both an investigative reporter and a constant traveler, Hotel Secrets from the Travel Detective is an essential guide to everything from luxury resorts to motels, from airport hotels and bed-and-breakfasts to outrageous (and often secret) alternatives to hotels. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Genre : Hotel housekeeping
Editor : Tata McGraw-Hill Education
Release : 2007-07-01
ISBN-13 : 0070655723
Hardcover : 478 Pages

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