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Author: Toni Roy
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781483632797
Book Pages: 299
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

We all go through life making decisions about our lives, but both Jonathan and Isabel had no insight on what was about to change. She just knew wherever Jonathan was, that is where she wanted to be. All of her life, she had a dream of loving the perfect man and maybe one day starting her own designer clothing company. But Isabel always put her dreams last. On the other hand, Jonathan loves Isabel, but his sordid past kept coming back to life no matter where he ran to. Even though he loved her dearly, he was a very demanding man, and his dreams always came first before herbut at what expense? The exquisite Southern town of Fairhope, Alabama, was their new start, but it was also a place where their lives began to change. Isabel also had a secret but never in her life dreamed that she would find the missing link. Could they each put the past behind and learn to forgive and forget? Could their strong love handle the pressure of new intrusions?

Author: Granaz Moussavi
ISBN: 0646565508
Book Pages: 60
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

Author: John Ross Macduff
Genre: Bible
ISBN: BL:A0023197799
Book Pages: 373
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

Author: William Henry Sparks
Genre: Georgia
ISBN: HARVARD:32044013660048
Book Pages: 489
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

Author: Griffin Fariello
Genre: History
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 9780393346411
Book Pages: 580
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

A remarkable document of an era that permanently changed the American political landscape.

Author: Mrs Ndeye Labadens
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 153964040X
Book Pages: 128
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

Take a journey through Australia. From arrival to departure, the experiences provided within the pages of this book are rich and full of the beauty and excitement that surrounded the trip. In Sydney, there were tons of restaurants and a lot of time was spent in those establishments due to jet lag. However, the Botanical Gardens were beautiful, abundant in plant life as well as colorful birds. Though there are lots of ways to get around, the Circular Quay was the best option during this trip. Usually, it was bustling with people, but in the evening. Cafes and shops are abundant, but one of the most memorable occasions was a concert right out in the street.

Author: Sam Adams
Genre: Coal mines and mining
ISBN: 1784611182
Book Pages: 219
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

The memoir of writer and editor Sam Adams. It's the story of the place where he was raised, Gilfach Goch, Glamorgan, in the early and middle years of the twentieth century; it's the story of his family yet, in many ways, it's also a story which will ring true with families throughout the south Wales coalfield.

Author: Joe Troiano
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 9781504000086
Book Pages: 32
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

Enjoy the first-ever verse adaptation of the classic animated television special, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Experience the timeless tale and become part of the beloved world of Rudolph, Santa, Clarice, Hermey, Yukon Cornelius, Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster, the Island of Misfit Toys and more! \

Author: Anna Letitia Le Breton
Genre: Authors, English
ISBN: STANFORD:36105022813898
Book Pages: 196
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

Genre: Patents
ISBN: PSU:000066178590
Book Pages:
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi