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Author: Christina Diaz Gonzalez
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 9780545773201
Book Pages: 256
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

Cassie Arroyo, an American studying in Rome, has her world ripped apart when someone tries to kill her father, an art history professor at an Italian university. Is she their next target? Cassie sets out to uncover what is happening, only to learn that she is a member of an ancient bloodline that enables her to use the Spear of Destiny--a legendary object that can alter the future. Now running from a secret organization intent on killing those from her bloodline, Cassie must--with the help of some friends--decipher the clues that will lead her to the Spear. Christina Diaz Gonzalez has created a fast-paced thrill-ride of a book, rich with riddles and myth, that young readers will not want to put down.

Author: Ross Macdonald
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard
ISBN: 9780307773180
Book Pages: 256
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

The first book in Ross Macdonald's acclaimed Lew Archer series introduces the detective who redefined the role of the American private eye and gave the crime novel a psychological depth and moral complexity only hinted at before. Like many Southern California millionaires, Ralph Sampson keeps odd company. There's the sun-worshipping holy man whom Sampson once gave his very own mountain; the fading actress with sidelines in astrology and S&M. Now one of Sampson's friends may have arranged his kidnapping. As Lew Archer follows the clues from the canyon sanctuaries of the megarich to jazz joints where you get beaten up between sets, The Moving Target blends sex, greed, and family hatred into an explosively readable crime novel.

Author: Lynette Eason
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Revell
ISBN: 9781441236791
Book Pages: 336
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

When Maddy McKay and Quinn Holcombe don't show up for Quinn's surprise birthday party, his friends know that something is very wrong. Their search turns up little beyond evidence that Quinn and Maddy just decided to take off for a long overdue vacation. But it soon becomes apparent that they did not leave of their own accord. Maddy awakens in a cement room with no idea where she is. But it's not long before she realizes she's in the clutches of a madman exacting revenge by hunting. His prey of choice? Humans. Now Maddy and Quinn must run for their lives, hoping to find their killer before the next game begins. Because if they don't win this game, they die. Fast, furious, and flirty, Lynette Eason's relentless suspense barely gives her readers time to catch their breath in this third thrilling installment of the Elite Guardians series.

Author: Christina Diaz Gonzalez
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 9780545773249
Book Pages: 224
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

WHO WILL CONTROL DESTINY? Cassie Arroyo has the ability to use the Spear of Destiny. And despite knowing the dangers of such a powerful object, she uses it to shape the future and save her father's life. The consequences of that small choice are larger than Cassie could ever have imagined. It produced a chain reaction - and now, in her visions of the future, Cassie sees chaos and death spreading across Rome. With the help of her friend Asher, Cassie is determined to fix the future she's created . . . but it's not going to be simple. The spear's been stolen by people who want to use it for their own dark purposes. Can Cassie recapture the spear before it's used against her? And will she be able to undo the harm she's caused, or will she only cast the world into greater chaos? Christina Diaz Gonzalez's Return Fire is a nonstop, action-packed adventure, full of mystery and intrigue, that will take you on a wild and wonderful ride across Italy.

Author: Margaret Atwood
Genre: Canadian literature
Publisher: House of Anansi
ISBN: 0887847358
Book Pages: 422
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

The most precious treasure of this collection is that it gives us the rich back-story and diverse range of influences on Margaret Atwood's work. From the aunts who encouraged her nascent writing career to the influence of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four on The Handmaid's Tale, we trace the movement of Atwood's fertile and curious mind in action over the years.Atwood's controversial political pieces, Napoleon's Two Biggest Mistakes and Letter to America -- both not-so-veiled warnings about the repercussions of the war in Iraq -- also appear, alongside pieces that exhibit her active concern for the environment, the North, and the future of the human race. Atwood also writes about her peers: John Updike, Marina Warner, Italo Calvino, Marian Engel, Toni Morrison, Angela Carter, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Mordecai Richler, Elmore Leonard, and Ursula Le Guin.This is a landmark volume from a major writer whose worldwide readership is in the millions, and whose work has influenced and entertained generations. Moving Targets is the companion volume to Second Words.

Author: Carole-Ann Upton
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781317641445
Book Pages: 4
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

Moving Target offers a rigorous exploration of the practice of translating for the theatre. The twelve essays in the volume span a range of work from Eastern and Western Europe, Canada and the United States. For the first time, this book draws together existing translation theory with contemporary practice to shed light on a hitherto neglected aspect of the production process. How does the theatre translator mediate between source text, performance text and target audience? What happens when theatre is transposed from one culture to another? What are the obstacles to theatre translation, and what are the opportunities? Central to the debate throughout is the role of the translator in creating not only a linguistic text but also a performance text, as the contributors repeatedly demonstrate an illuminating sensibility to the demands and potential of theatre production. Impacting upon areas of (inter)cultural theory as well as theatre studies and translation studies, the result is a startling revelation of the joys, as well as the frustrations of the dramatic art of the translator for performance.

Author: Leonard Solomon Silk
Genre: Capitalism
Publisher: [New York] : Quadrangle
ISBN: UOM:39015005504033
Book Pages: 159
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

The articles (except 3) were originally published on the Op-Ed page of the New York times. Includes bibliographical references. Silk, L. Capitalism: the moving target.--Terkel, S. Here am I, a worker.--Sorrentino, G. Empty, empty promises, promises.--Carvel, T. Land of opportunity? Damned right.--Kuh, E. Who gets what and why.--Glyn, A. The wage-push crisis of capitalism.--Rockefeller, D. The essential quest for the middle way.--Leontief, W. Sails and rudders, ship of state.--Arrow, K.J. Capitalism, for better or worse.--Samuelson, P.A. Taking stock of war--Sweezy, P.M. Capitalism, for worse.--Kolko, G.A war from time to time.--Galbraith, J.K. Power and the useful economist.

ISBN: UCAL:B4938150
Book Pages:
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

Author: William Golding
Genre: Literary Collections
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 9780571265473
Book Pages: 202
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

An important and illuminating collection of essays and lectures by the winner of the 1983 Nobel Prize for Literature. William Golding writes about places as diverse as Wiltshire, where he lived for over half a century, Dutch waterways, Delphi, Egypt ancient and modern, and planet Earth herself. Other essays discuss books and ideas, and provide a fascinating background to the appreciate Golding's own writing and imagination. Includes Golding's Nobel Speech. 'Golding come through this collection as reserved and wary, but delightful . . . His writing is a joy.' Sunday Times

Author: Cecil Castellucci
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Disney Electronic Content
ISBN: 9781484725016
Book Pages: 231
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

Princess Leia returns for an all-new adventure in this thrilling upper middle grade novel. Set between Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi, the story follows the warrior princess as she leads a ragtag group of rebels on a dangerous mission against the evil Galactic Empire. Hidden in the story are also hints and clues about the upcoming film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, making this a must-read for fans old and new!