Genre : History
Editor : Psychology Press
Release : 1995
ISBN-13 : 0415911184
Hardcover : 243 Pages

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This first study provides illuminating insights in to America's preeminent Yankee Radical and his concepts.

Genre : Biography & Autobiography
Editor : PublicAffairs
Release : 2001-03-08
ISBN-13 : 0786752807
Hardcover : 240 Pages

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"Most Americans first heard of Michael Harrington with the publication of The Other America, his seminal book on American poverty. Isserman expertly tracks Harrington's beginnings in the Catholic Worke"

The Other America by Michael Harrington

Genre : Poverty
Editor :
Release : 2013
ISBN-13 : OCLC:1120797981
Hardcover : 191 Pages

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Genre : Social reformers
Editor : Infobase Publishing
Release : 2002-01-01
ISBN-13 : 9781438108087
Hardcover : 449 Pages

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Profiles more than 285 men and women who fought for social reform and influenced American history.

Culture Wars by Roger Chapman

Genre : Business & Economics
Editor : M.E. Sharpe
Release : 2010
ISBN-13 : 9780765622501
Hardcover : 768 Pages

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A collection of letters from a cross-section of Japanese citizens to a leading Japanese newspaper, relating their experiences and thoughts of the Pacific War.

Economy Difference Empire by Gary Dorrien

Genre : Philosophy
Editor : Columbia University Press
Release : 2010-11-02
ISBN-13 : 9780231526296
Hardcover : 496 Pages

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Sourcing the major traditions of progressive Christian social ethics social gospel liberalism, Niebuhrian realism, and liberation theology Gary Dorrien argues for the social-ethical necessity of social justice politics. In carefully reasoned essays, he focuses on three subjects: the ethics and politics of economic justice, racial and gender justice, and antimilitarism, making a constructive case for economic democracy, along with a liberationist understanding of racial and gender justice and an anti-imperial form of liberal internationalism. In Dorrien's view, the three major discourse traditions of progressive Christian social ethics share a fundamental commitment to transform the structures of society in the direction of social justice. His reflections on these topics feature innovative analyses of major figures, such as Walter Rauschenbusch, Reinhold Niebuhr, James Burnham, Norman Thomas, and Michael Harrington, and an extensive engagement with contemporary intellectuals, such as Rosemary R. Ruether, Katie Cannon, Gregory Baum, and Cornel West. Dorrien also weaves his personal experiences into his narrative, especially his involvement in social justice movements. He includes a special chapter on the 2008 presidential campaign and the historic candidacy of Barack Obama.

The Forty Year Con Game by Dr. Michael B. Harrington

Genre : History
Editor : Xlibris Corporation
Release : 2019-07-12
ISBN-13 : 9781796045864
Hardcover : 340 Pages

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Most voters during the 2016 presidential election were largely unaware of Trump’s forty-year history as a skilled con man but an incompetent failure otherwise. In anticipation of the 2020 election, this book describes Trump’s public life from his mob connections in the early 1980s through his first two stumbling years in the White House. It documents Trump’s inescapable history of ignorance, self-absorption, poor judgment, corruption, impulsive decision-making, bigotry, and strong authoritarian instincts. Taken together, all guaranteed a disastrous presidency. His first two years in the White House fulfilled this guarantee, threatening America’s constitutional democracy.

Twilight Of The Elites by Christopher Hayes

Genre : Business & Economics
Editor : Broadway Books
Release : 2013
ISBN-13 : 9780307720467
Hardcover : 292 Pages

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Analyzes scandals in high-profile institutions, from Wall Street and the Catholic Church to corporate America and Major League Baseball, while evaluating how an elite American meritocracy rose throughout the past half-century before succumbing to unprecedented levels of corruption and failure. 75,000 first printing.

Code Red by E.J. Dionne, Jr.

Genre : Political Science
Editor : St. Martin's Press
Release : 2020-02-04
ISBN-13 : 9781250256485
Hardcover : 256 Pages

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"An exquisitely timed book ... Code Red is a worthwhile exploration of the shared goals (and shared enemies) that unite moderates and progressives. But more than that, it is a sharp reminder that the common ground on which Dionne built his career has been badly eroded, with little prospect that it will soon be restored.” —The New York Times Book Review New York Times bestselling author and Washington Post columnist E. J. Dionne, Jr. sounds the alarm in Code Red, calling for an alliance between progressives and moderates to seize the moment and restore hope to America’s future for the 2020 presidential election. Will progressives and moderates feud while America burns? Or will these natural allies take advantage of the greatest opportunity since the New Deal Era to strengthen American democracy, foster social justice, and turn back the threats of the Trump Era? The United States stands at a crossroads. Broad and principled opposition to Donald Trump’s presidency has drawn millions of previously disengaged citizens to the public square and to the ballot boxes. This inspired and growing activism for social and political change hasn’t been seen since the days of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal policies and the Progressive and Civil Rights movements. But if progressives and moderates are unable—and unwilling—to overcome their differences, they could not only enable Trump to prevail again but also squander an occasion for launching a new era of reform. In Code Red, award-winning journalist E. J. Dionne, Jr., calls for a shared commitment to decency and a politics focused on freedom, fairness, and the future, encouraging progressives and moderates to explore common ground and expand the unity that brought about Democrat victories in the 2018 elections. He offers a unifying model for furthering progress with a Politics of Remedy, Dignity, and More: one that solves problems, resolve disputes, and moves forward; that sits at the heart of the demands for justice by both long-marginalized and recently-displaced groups; and that posits a positive future for Americans with more covered by health insurance, more with decent wages, more with good schools, more security from gun violence, more action to roll back climate change. Breaking through the partisan noise and cutting against conventional wisdom to provide a realistic look at political possibilities, Dionne offers a strategy for progressives and moderates to think more clearly and accept the responsibilities that history now imposes on them. Because at this point in our national story, change can’t wait.

The American Way Of Poverty by Sasha Abramsky

Genre : Social Science
Editor : Bold Type Books
Release : 2013-09-10
ISBN-13 : 9781568589558
Hardcover : 368 Pages

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Selected as A Notable Book of the Year by The New York Times Book Review Fifty years after Michael Harrington published his groundbreaking book The Other America, in which he chronicled the lives of people excluded from the Age of Affluence, poverty in America is back with a vengeance. It is made up of both the long-term chronically poor and new working poor—the tens of millions of victims of a broken economy and an ever more dysfunctional political system. In many ways, for the majority of Americans, financial insecurity has become the new norm. The American Way of Poverty shines a light on this travesty. Sasha Abramsky brings the effects of economic inequality out of the shadows and, ultimately, suggests ways for moving toward a fairer and more equitable social contract. Exploring everything from housing policy to wage protections and affordable higher education, Abramsky lays out a panoramic blueprint for a reinvigorated political process that, in turn, will pave the way for a renewed War on Poverty. It is, Harrington believed, a moral outrage that in a country as wealthy as America, so many people could be so poor. Written in the wake of the 2008 financial collapse, in an era of grotesque economic extremes, The American Way of Poverty brings that same powerful indignation to the topic.