Daily Life In Medieval Europe by Jeffrey L. Singman

Genre : History
Editor : Greenwood Publishing Group
Release : 1999
ISBN-13 : 0313302731
Hardcover : 268 Pages

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An exploration of both private and public life in the Middle Ages covers society, the life cycle, material culture, life in villages, castles, monasteries, and towns, and the medieval world, plus games, food, and music.

Genre : History
Editor : Taylor & Francis
Release : 2006
ISBN-13 : 9780415969444
Hardcover : 944 Pages

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From women's medicine and the writings of Christine de Pizan to the lives of market and tradeswomen and the idealization of virginity, gender and social status dictated all aspects of women's lives during the middle ages. A cross-disciplinary resource, Women and Gender in Medieval Europe examines the daily reality of medieval women from all walks of life in Europe between 450 CE and 1500 CE, i.e., from the fall of the Roman Empire to the discovery of the Americas. Moving beyond biographies of famous noble women of the middles ages, the scope of this important reference work is vast and provides a comprehensive understanding of medieval women's lives and experiences. Masculinity in the middle ages is also addressed to provide important context for understanding women's roles. Entries that range from 250 words to 4,500 words in length thoroughly explore topics in the following areas: · Art and Architecture · Countries, Realms, and Regions · Daily Life · Documentary Sources · Economics · Education and Learning · Gender and Sexuality · Historiography · Law · Literature · Medicine and Science · Music and Dance · Persons · Philosophy · Politics · Political Figures · Religion and Theology · Religious Figures · Social Organization and Status Written by renowned international scholars, Women and Gender in Medieval Europe is the latest in the Routledge Encyclopedias of the Middle Ages. Easily accessible in an A-to-Z format, students, researchers, and scholars will find this outstanding reference work to be an invaluable resource on women in Medieval Europe.

Genre : Literary Criticism
Editor : Springer
Release : 2015-09-30
ISBN-13 : 9781137397065
Hardcover : 264 Pages

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Twelve medieval scholars from a wide range of disciplines, including law, literature, and religion address the question: What did it mean to possess a voice - or to be without one - during the Middle Ages? This collection reveals how the philosophy, theology, and aesthetics of the voice inhabit some of the most canonical texts of the Middle Ages.

A Social And Economic History Of Medieval Europe by Gerald Augustus John Hodgett

Genre : Business & Economics
Editor : Taylor & Francis
Release : 2005-11-03
ISBN-13 : 0415377072
Hardcover : 246 Pages

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This excellent summary of the social and economic history of Europe in the Middle Ages examines the changing patterns and developments that took place between the fall of the Roman Empire and the discovery of the New World.

Genre : Business & Economics
Editor : Cambridge University Press
Release : 1989-09-21
ISBN-13 : 0521375908
Hardcover : 467 Pages

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This is a full-scale study that explores every aspect of money in Europe and the Middle Ages.

Genre : History
Editor : Boydell Press
Release : 2002
ISBN-13 : 0851158811
Hardcover : 357 Pages

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The image, status and function of queens and empresses, regnant and consort, in kingdoms stretching from England to Jerusalem in the European middle ages.

Genre : Religion
Editor : A&C Black
Release : 1999-01-01
ISBN-13 : 185285183X
Hardcover : 329 Pages

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Considers many facets of the medieval church, dealing with institutions, buildings, personalities and literature. The text explores the origins of the diocese and the parish, the history of the See of Hereford and of York Minster. It discusses the arrival of the archdeacon, the Normans as cathedral builders and the kings of England and Scotland as monastic patrons. The studies of monastic life deal with the European question of monastic vocation and with St Bernard's part in the sensational expansion of the early 12th century. An epilogue takes us to the 14th century, contrasting Chaucer's parson with an actual Norfolk rector.

Genre : History
Editor : University of Pennsylvania Press
Release : 1980
ISBN-13 : 0812211030
Hardcover : 312 Pages

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Throughout the Middle Ages and early modern Europe theological uniformity was synonymous with social cohesion in societies that regarded themselves as bound together at their most fundamental levels by a religion. To maintain a belief in opposition to the orthodoxy was to set oneself in opposition not merely to church and state but to a whole culture in all of its manifestations. From the eleventh century to the fifteenth, however, dissenting movements appeared with greater frequency, attracted more followers, acquired philosophical as well as theological dimensions, and occupied more and more the time and the minds of religious and civil authorities. In the perception of dissent and in the steps taken to deal with it lies the history of medieval heresy and the force it exerted on religious, social, and political communities long after the Middle Ages. In this volume, Edward Peters makes available the most compact and wide-ranging collection of source materials in translation on medieval orthodoxy and heterodoxy in social context.

Medieval Europe by Henry Davis

Genre : History
Editor : Ozymandias Press
Release : 2018-01-19
ISBN-13 : 9781531280277
Hardcover : 207 Pages

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In history there is, strictly speaking, no end and no beginning. Each event is the product of an infinite series of causes, the starting-point of an infinite series of effects. Language and thought, government and manners, transform themselves by imperceptible degrees; with the result that every age is an age of transition, not fully intelligible unless regarded as the child of a past and the parent of a future. Even so the species of the animal and vegetable kingdoms shade off one into another until, if we only observe the marginal cases, we are inclined to doubt whether the species is more than a figment of the mind. Yet the biologist is prepared to defend the idea of species; and in like manner the historian holds that the distinction between one phase of culture and another is real enough to justify, and, indeed, to demand, the use of distinguishing names. In the development of single communities and groups of communities there occurs now and again a moment of equilibrium, when institutions are stable and adapted to the needs of those who live under them; when the minds of men are filled with ideas which they find completely satisfying; when the statesman, the artist, and the poet feel that they are best fulfilling their several missions if they express in deed and work and language the aspirations common to the whole society. Then for a while man appears to be the master of his fate; and then the prevailing temper is one of reasoned optimism, of noble exaltation, of content allied with hope. The spectator feels that he is face to face with the maturity of a social system and a creed. These moments are rare indeed; but it is for the sake of understanding them that we read history. All the rest of human fortunes is in the nature of an introduction or an epilogue.

Music In Medieval Europe by Terence Bailey

Genre : Music
Editor : Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
Release : 2007
ISBN-13 : 0754652394
Hardcover : 437 Pages

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This book presents the most recent findings of twenty of the foremost European and North American researchers into the music of the Middle Ages. The chronological scope of their topics is wide, from the ninth to the fifteenth century. The findings presented in this book will be of interest to those engaged by music and the liturgy, active researchers and students. All the papers are carefully and extensively documented by references to medieval sources.