Lessons In Leadership by Jonathan Sacks

Genre : Religion
Editor : Maggid
Release : 2015-08-20
ISBN-13 : 1592644325
Hardcover : 348 Pages

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In this companion volume to his celebrated series Covenant & Conversation, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks mines the weekly Torah portions for insights into the nature of power, authority, and leadership. Based on the understanding that no man is born a leader, the book explores the principles, and perils, of becoming one. Profound, eloquent, and deeply inspiring, Lessons in Leadership reveals the biblical secrets of influence, as relevant now as they were three thousand years ago.

Genre : Education
Editor : Springer
Release : 2019-12-02
ISBN-13 : 3030295001
Hardcover : 187 Pages

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The idea for this edited book came about due to the increased discussion and focus on leadership within the educational technology field and particularly in the Association for Educational Communications and Technology organization. There is a diverse amount of individuals in leadership in the field that contributed their lessons learned. This book focuses on sharing the lessons learned by leaders in the field on how they became a leader and what leadership means. The primary contributions address three central questions. What is your story about how you became a leader? What lessons have you learned about being an effective leader? What advice would you give others to become a leader? In addition, this book spotlights the impact that past leaders have had on current leaders and upon the field of educational technology.

Legacy by James Kerr

Genre : Sports & Recreation
Editor : Constable
Release : 2013-11-07
ISBN-13 : 9781472104908
Hardcover : 160 Pages

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Champions do extra. They sweep the sheds. They follow the spearhead. They keep a blue head. They are good ancestors. In Legacy, best-selling author James Kerr goes deep into the heart of the world's most successful sporting team, the legendary All Blacks of New Zealand, to reveal 15 powerful and practical lessons for leadership and business. Legacy is a unique, inspiring handbook for leaders in all fields, and asks: What are the secrets of success - sustained success? How do you achieve world-class standards, day after day, week after week, year after year? How do you handle pressure? How do you train to win at the highest level? What do you leave behind you after you're gone? What will be your legacy?

Genre : Business & Economics
Editor : Trafford Publishing
Release : 2007-06
ISBN-13 : 9781425122492
Hardcover : 219 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Practical Lessons in Leadership offers career and start-up guidance for aspiring or new leaders, and pragmatic recommendations for leaders who want to develop strong teams and drive outstanding results. Practical Lessons is geared for leaders at all stages of the leadership lifecycle (new, early career or experienced) struggling to cope with a hypercompetitive global environment and a rapidly changing, inexperienced and highly mobile workforce. These visible and predictable macro trends require that the need to identify and develop leadership talent is at the top of every organization's strategy plan. Tomorrow's knowledge worker will face pressure to lead teams, projects and companies, but will lack the experience and guidance for management that the boomers take with them into retirement. Practical Lessons fills a critical gap in existing leadership content, by posing leadership as a conscious choice and then providing the tools and approaches necessary for professionals at all stages of the leadership lifecycle to understand their role, establish fundamental practices, integrate their actions with the organization's strategy, motivate and inspire their teams, and drive great results. In the opening portion of Practical Lessons, the aspiring professional gains a clear vision of the role and responsibilities of a leader, as well as helpful tools to assess whether this difficult role fits with their interests and skills. The remainder and majority of the book arms the new or experienced leader with practical approaches for important topics, including building credibility, starting with a new team, integrating activities with organizational strategy, identifying and developing talent, and creating a culture of innovation and operational excellence. For the early career professional, aspiring leader or experienced manager, Practical Lessons offers a wealth of insight and direction for succeeding in this most challenging of professions during a period in time when leadership talent is increasingly viewed as a strategic asset.

Lessons In Leadership by Steve Adubato

Genre : Business & Economics
Editor : Rutgers University Press
Release : 2016-09
ISBN-13 : 9780813580579
Hardcover : 256 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

In this practical guide, Emmy Award-winning public broadcasting anchor Steve Adubato teaches readers to be self-aware, empathetic, and more effective leaders at work and at home. His powerful case studies spotlighting dozens of leaders—from Pope Francis to New Jersey governor Chris Christie—are complemented by concrete tips and tools based in real-life scenarios. With Lessons in Leadership, readers can learn to steer others through difficult economic times, to mentor rising leaders, to provide straight talk to underperforming employees, and even how to lead a company through a significant change.

Lessons In Leadership by John Adair

Genre : Business & Economics
Editor : Bloomsbury Publishing
Release : 2018-06-28
ISBN-13 : 9781472956941
Hardcover : 184 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Designed to challenge and inspire anyone who is seeking a deeper understanding of management, Lessons in Leadership provides a series of reflections on the very fundamentals of leadership as a management function. In the midst of current global concerns about the quality of leadership, this book is both a practical handbook and a vital contribution to the ongoing debate about what kind of leadership we should be encouraging in today's volatile and uncertain world. Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of the basics in this dynamic sector. To help steer both current and future leaders to greatness, John Adair has distilled his vast experience into 12 key guiding concepts, including: · Leading from the front; · Integrity; · The strategic leader; · Warmth and humanity; and · Sharing dangers and hardships. Leadership and change go hand in hand – but even during times of change, the basic building blocks of leadership remain the same. Lessons in Leadership offers guidance, inspiration, reassurance and insight for anyone who is expected to lead or who wants to refresh and sharpen their current leadership practices.

Good Leaders Learn by Gerard Seijts

Genre : Business & Economics
Editor : Routledge
Release : 2013-11-07
ISBN-13 : 9781135114657
Hardcover : 416 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

How do leaders learn to lead? How do leaders set themselves up for success? This book explores the real-life experiences of a wide variety of leaders from different industries, sectors, and countries to bring to light new lessons on the importance of life-long learning. Consisting primarily of a series of probing interviews, Good Leaders Learn presents the challenges, triumphs, and reflections of 31 senior and high-profile leaders, offering insight into how they learned to lead during their careers. The book pulls important and useful perspectives into a robust theoretical framework that includes the importance of innate curiosity, challenging oneself, risk-taking, and other key elements of good leadership. With practical insights complemented by the latest leadership research and theory, this book will help current and potential leaders to build a solid foundation of the leadership qualities vital to their continuing success.

Genre : Medical
Editor : Academic Press
Release : 2016-10-19
ISBN-13 : 9780128019115
Hardcover : 236 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

The rapid changes in health care including novel technologies as well as the changing economic, political, and social landscapes are all forcing physicians as well as most types of health care practitioners to re-think their role in leadership. This is particularly true in the US in recent years, but the same issues are widely prevalent affecting health care workers around the globe. Developing capable medical leaders who can navigate these challenges will be essential. Physicians and other health care practitioners usually receive little or no leadership training in the course of their education. At the next steps in their training: internship, residency and fellowship, gaining clinical acumen takes precedence over developing other skills that are at the core of leadership training. Leadership Lessons for Health Care Providers will allow all types of health professionals to gain a better understanding of what leadership is, how to develop their skills while still early in their careers, how to understand and handle common leadership conundrums and chart a path towards increasing their leadership capabilities as they reach mid-career and beyond. This book will provide a great start for those who are interested in learning more about leadership and includes recommendations for next steps at all stages in leadership work. Discusses and offers practical advice on a number of leadership development topics including levels of leadership, different styles and techniques, dealing with conflict, making hard decisions, and setting priorities Includes valuable insight from leaders and specialists in the health care field Directs readers to additional leadership resources as next steps

Genre :
Editor : North Valley Publications
Release :
ISBN-13 : 9781601716965
Hardcover : Pages

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Lessons In Leadership by Ben Olson

Genre : Business & Economics
Editor : CreateSpace
Release : 2014-02-24
ISBN-13 : 1495963659
Hardcover : 110 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

These Lessons Will Put You On The Path to Success!When I first earned a promotion to a leadership position, I received no training to develop my skills. The unwritten rule seemed to be that if you received the promotion you must know what you are doing, so now go do it! Sound familiar? Unfortunately, I have talked with thousands of newly promoted leaders over the years that have had the same experience. If you have been thrust into a position of leadership with little or no training, this book contains the lessons you need to jump-start your new role and get you on the path to become the leader you want to be. If you are serious about making the move from “manager to leader”, or if your job is to help others make the move, this book is for you! Your lessons will include:• Key behaviors that will cause you to be immediately recognized as an effective leader.• The power of perception: how to look, think and act like a leader.• The truths of our human connection and how to use these truths to strengthen your team.• Building an extraordinary team through selection, orientation, training and development.• Simple leader-led processes to solve problems, create action plans, and develop team members.• Dealing with change, preparing for the unexpected, resources for the future and much more!