Genre : Judaism
Editor : KTAV Publishing House, Inc.
Release : 1974
ISBN-13 : 0870682385
Hardcover : 422 Pages

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Theology / Mordeccai M. Kaplan -- Saadia Gaon / Alexander Marx -- Judah Halevi / Henry Slonimski -- Maimonides / Isadore Twersky -- Nachmanides / Solomon Schechter -- General characteristics of Jewish mysticism / Gershom G. Scholem -- The mystical element of Judaism / Abraham J. Heschel -- The book of the pious / Solomon Alcanan Singer -- Shneyur Zalman of Liady / Charles B. Chavel -- Moses Sofer / S. Ehrmann -- Israel Salanter / Louis Ginzberg -- Bibliography on Judaism from Talmudic to modern times / David Goodblatt.

Judaism And Human Rights by Milton Ridvas Konvitz

Genre : Religion
Editor : Transaction Publishers
Release : 1972
ISBN-13 : 1412827000
Hardcover : 427 Pages

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Areligion or a culture like Judaism, at least three thousand years old, cannot be expected to be all of one piece, homogeneous, self-contained, consistent, a neatly constructed system of ideas. If Judaism were that, it would have died centuries ago and would be a subject of interest only to the historian and archaeologist. Judaism has been a living force precisely because it is a teeming, thundering, and clamoring phenomenon, full of contrary tendencies and inconsistencies. Although there are no words or phrases in Hebrew Scriptures for "human rights," "conscience," or "due process of law," the ideals and values which these concepts represent were inherent in the earliest Jewish texts. This volume begins with four essays on the concept of man's being born "free and equal," in the image of God. The underpinning of this concept in Jewish law is explored in Section 2, entitled "The Rule of Law." Section 3, "The Democratic Ideal," traces the foundations of democracy in the Jewish teachings in the Bible and the Talmud, which in turn influenced the whole body of Western political thought. Relations between man and man, man and woman, employer and employee, slave and master are all spelled out. Section 4 presents essays analyzing man's freedom of conscience, and his God-given rights to dissent and protest. Section 5 deals with aspects of personal liberty, including the right of privacy. Section 6, entitled "The Earth is the Lord's," deals with the Jewish view of man's transient tenancy on God's earth, his obligations not to destroy anything that lives or grows, and to share the earth's bounty with the poor, the widowed, and the orphaned. Section 7 delivers an analysis of the "end of days" vision of Micah and man's continuing need to strive for peace and not for war. The volume concludes with three new essays, dealing with contemporary issues: "In God's Image: The Religious Imperative of Equality under Law"; "The Values of a Jewish and Democratic State: The Task of Reaching a Synthesis"; and "Religious Freedom and Religious Coercion in the State of Israel." This enlarged edition is accessibly written for a general and scholarly audience and will be of particular interest to political scientists, historians, and constitutional scholars.

Judaism In Practice by Lawrence Fine

Genre : Religion
Editor : Princeton University Press
Release : 2001-11-18
ISBN-13 : 0691057877
Hardcover : 537 Pages

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Collects a wide range of writings, from autobiographical sketches and legal codes to folk literature and liturgical poetry, to provide a sweeping view of medieval and early modern Jewish ritual and religious practice that considers many lesser-known aspects of Jewish culture. Reprint.

Genre : Religion
Editor : Westminster John Knox Press
Release : 2002-01-01
ISBN-13 : 0664223281
Hardcover : 129 Pages

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Current scholarship in the study of ancient Christianity is now available to nonspecialists through this collection of essays on anti-Judaism in the New Testament and in New Testament interpretation. While academic writing can be obscure and popular writing can be uncritical, this group of experts has striven to write as simply and clearly as possible on topics that have been hotly contested. The essays are arranged around the historical figures and canonical texts that matter most to Christian communities and whose interpretation has fed the negative characterizations of Jews and Judaism. A select annotated bibliography also gives suggestions for further reading. This book should be an excellent resource for academic courses as well as adult study groups.

Genre : Jewish ethics
Editor : Nelson Thornes
Release : 2001
ISBN-13 : 074875685X
Hardcover : 103 Pages

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GCSE RE for You: Judaism with Jewish Moral Issues covers the fundamentals of Judaism and the Jewish response on moral issues.

Engendering Judaism by Rachel Adler

Genre : Religion
Editor : Beacon Press
Release : 1999
ISBN-13 : 0807036196
Hardcover : 269 Pages

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Studies how women's full participation in Judaism will transform Jewish law, prayer, sexuality, and marriage

Judaism by Arye Forta

Genre : Judaism
Editor : Heinemann
Release : 1995
ISBN-13 : 043530321X
Hardcover : 160 Pages

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Now revised in line with the new GCSE criteria and revised syllabuses for Religious Studies, an introduction to basic Jewish beliefs and traditions, the Jewish year, Judaism in the home, and how Judaism affects everyday life. From the EXAMINING RELIGIONS series.

Genre : Religion
Editor : Psychology Press
Release : 1999
ISBN-13 : 0415173256
Hardcover : 191 Pages

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In this erudite book, Bruce Chilton and Jacob Neusner provide a study of the comparisons and contrasts between formative Christianity and Judaism.

Aphrahat And Judaism by Jacob Neusner

Genre : Religion
Editor : Brill Archive
Release : 1971-12-01
ISBN-13 :
Hardcover : 281 Pages

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A Short History Of Judaism by Jacob Neusner

Genre : Religion
Editor : Fortress Press
Release : 1992
ISBN-13 : 1451410182
Hardcover : 235 Pages

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One of the world's experts on classical Jewish history and literature offers an authoritative interpretation of the three major periods of Jewish history from the time of the Bible up to the present. What emerges is a captivating account of the life-forming nature of a dynamic religion in vastly differing historical contexts. Glossary, maps, illustrations, photographs.