Is This The Real Life by Mark Blake

Genre : Biography & Autobiography
Editor : Aurum
Release : 2010-10-25
ISBN-13 : 9781845136598
Hardcover : 400 Pages

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Queen are unique among the great rock bands. It is nearly twenty years since frontman Freddie Mercury’s death brought the band to an end – yet their fanbase remains massive. They appeal equally to men and women. Their fans are just as likely to be teenagers too young to have been born when the band were still touring and making records (thanks not least to the huge success of the musical We Will Rock You). And their musical history is one of constant reinvention – from heavy metal and prog rock to disco pop, stadium anthems and even jazz influences. Now, Mark Blake, the experienced Mojo journalist who wrote Aurum’s bestselling book on Pink Floyd, has written the definitive history. Having already interviewed the surviving band members over the years, he has now tracked down dozens and dozens of new interviewees, from Queen’s first long-forgotten bass players to Freddie Mercury’s schoolmates in Isleworth, Middlesex, to trace Queen’s long career from their very first gawky performances in St Helens through their sensational stage-stealing appearance on Live Aid to the band’s collaboration with Paul Rodgers at the beginning of the century. Full of fascinating new revelations – especially about the improbable transformation of a shy Asian schoolboy called Bulsara into the outrageous-living hedonist that was Freddie Mercury - this is a book every Queen fan will want to have.

Genre :
Editor : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2018-11-24
ISBN-13 : 1729827993
Hardcover : 110 Pages

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A simple sentimental gift for fans of the British rock band "Queen," which consisted of vocalist Freddie Mercury, guitarist Brian May, drummer Roger Taylor, and bassist John Deacon. *** This journal alternates between 9 LINED pages for writing and 1 BLANK page for sketching throughout - Size 5.2" x 0.2" x 8" with 110 pages total. *** It can be used as a simple diary, a mini class notebook, prayer journal, record of goals, dreams, and milestones, for show notes, and more. Make the book even more special by tucking tickets, a gift card, or a little cash in the folds. When you want to wrap something that is more personal than a greeting card, this book does the trick, adding some fun-loving humor. Check out our other selection of witty blank journals, musical theater quotes, and gag gifts all available at at Related terms: Farrokh Bulsara, On the BACK COVER: Rock Band: "Queen" ---- Vocalist Freddie Mercury, guitarist Brian May, drummer Roger Taylor, and bassist John Deacon.

Genre : Music
Editor : Fans Have Their Say
Release : 2019-03-16
ISBN-13 : 1090681127
Hardcover : 224 Pages

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Everyone loves Queen.Ask anyone in the world and they'll know at least one Queen song, their legendary status stretches that far.Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon laid the foundations for one of the greatest rock 'n' roll bands in the world and now Adam Lambert is helping to cement their memories in a whole new generation of adoring and devoted fans.No other band can command such 'singalongs' at their shows and no other band can produce such a high level feel good factor - even at this point in their career they are still unstoppable.So take a look at the albums, browse the set lists of the shows, see what other people think of one of the greatest British bands ever.

Real Life by Brandon Taylor

Genre : Fiction
Editor : Penguin
Release : 2020-02-18
ISBN-13 : 9780525538905
Hardcover : 336 Pages

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A FINALIST FOR THE 2020 BOOKER PRIZE A NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK OF THE YEAR A NEW YORK TIMES EDITORS' CHOICE “A blistering coming of age story” —O: The Oprah Magazine Named a Best Book of the Year by The Washington Post, Elle, The Financial Times, Vulture, and Thrillist A novel of startling intimacy, violence, and mercy among friends in a Midwestern university town, from an electric new voice. Almost everything about Wallace is at odds with the Midwestern university town where he is working uneasily toward a biochem degree. An introverted young man from Alabama, black and queer, he has left behind his family without escaping the long shadows of his childhood. For reasons of self-preservation, Wallace has enforced a wary distance even within his own circle of friends—some dating each other, some dating women, some feigning straightness. But over the course of a late-summer weekend, a series of confrontations with colleagues, and an unexpected encounter with an ostensibly straight, white classmate, conspire to fracture his defenses while exposing long-hidden currents of hostility and desire within their community. Real Life is a novel of profound and lacerating power, a story that asks if it’s ever really possible to overcome our private wounds, and at what cost.

This Was The Real Life by David Evans

Genre :
Editor :
Release : 2001-01-01
ISBN-13 : 0955895103
Hardcover : Pages

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In Real Life by Cory Doctorow

Genre : Young Adult Fiction
Editor : First Second
Release : 2014-10-14
ISBN-13 : 9781466858619
Hardcover : 192 Pages

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Anda loves Coarsegold Online, the massively-multiplayer role playing game that she spends most of her free time on. It's a place where she can be a leader, a fighter, a hero. It's a place where she can meet people from all over the world, and make friends. Gaming is, for Anda, entirely a good thing. But things become a lot more complicated when Anda befriends a gold farmer -- a poor Chinese kid whose avatar in the game illegally collects valuable objects and then sells them to players from developed countries with money to burn. This behavior is strictly against the rules in Coarsegold, but Anda soon comes to realize that questions of right and wrong are a lot less straightforward when a real person's real livelihood is at stake. From acclaimed teen author Cory Doctorow and rising star cartoonist Jen Wang, In Real Life is a sensitive, thoughtful look at adolescence, gaming, poverty, and culture-clash. This title has common Core connections. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

In Real Life by Joey Graceffa

Genre : Biography & Autobiography
Editor : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2015-05-19
ISBN-13 : 9781476794310
Hardcover : 272 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

A confessional, uplifting memoir from the beloved YouTube personality. It’s not where you begin that matters. It's where you end up. Twenty-three year old Joey Graceffa has captured the hearts of millions of teens and young adults through his playful, sweet, and inspirational YouTube presence (not to mention his sparkling eyes and perfect hair). Yet, Joey wasn’t always comfortable in his skin, and in this candid memoir, he thoughtfully looks back on his journey from pain to pride, self-doubt to self-acceptance. To his fans, Joey is that best friend who always captures the brighter side of life but also isn’t afraid to get real. In the pages of his first book, he opens up about his years of struggling with family hardships and troubles at school, with cruel bullying and the sting of rejection. He tells of first loves and losses, embarrassing moments and surprising discoveries, loneliness, laughter, and life-changing forks in the road, showing us the incalculable value of finally finding and following your true passion in this world. Funny, warm-hearted, and inspiring, Joey Graceffa’s story is a welcome reminder that it’s not where you begin that matters, but where you end up.

Queering The Popular Pitch by Sheila Whiteley

Genre : Music
Editor : Routledge
Release : 2013-01-11
ISBN-13 : 9781136093784
Hardcover : 328 Pages

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Queering the Popular Pitch is a new collection of 19 essays that situate queering within the discourse of sex and sexuality in relation to popular music. This investigation addresses the changing debates within gay, lesbian and queer discourse in relation to the dissemination of musical texts -performance, cultural production and sexual meaning - situating music within the broader patterns of culture that it both mirrors and actively reproduces. The collection is divided into four parts: queering borders queer spaces hidden histories queer thoughts, mixed media. Queering the Popular Pitch will appeal to students of popular music, Gay and Lesbian studies. With case studies and essays by leading popular music scholars it provides insightful discourse in a growing field of musicological research.

Analee In Real Life by Janelle Milanes

Genre : Young Adult Fiction
Editor : Simon Pulse
Release : 2019-09-17
ISBN-13 : 9781534410305
Hardcover : 432 Pages

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“Milanes has created authentic characters with family issues that reflect the world we live in...Refreshing.” —The New York Times Book Review “Heartfelt and smart.” —Lilliam Rivera, author of The Education of Margot Sanchez “Funny and affecting, well-balanced, and simply fun.” —Kirkus Reviews “An entertaining novel for all teen collections.” —School Library Journal A Cuban-American teen navigates social anxiety, her father’s remarriage, and being torn between two very cute boys in this “genuine and humorous” (Booklist) contemporary novel—perfect for fans of Morgan Matson and Kasie West. Ever since her mom died three years ago, Analee Echevarria has had trouble saying out loud the weird thoughts that sit in her head. With a best friend who hates her and a dad who’s marrying a yogi she can’t stand, Analee spends most of her time avoiding reality and role-playing as Kiri, the night elf hunter at the center of her favorite online game. Through Kiri, Analee is able to express everything real-life Analee cannot: her bravery, her strength, her inner warrior. The one thing both Kiri and Analee can’t do, though, is work up the nerve to confess her romantic feelings for Kiri’s partner-in-crime, Xolkar—a.k.a. a teen boy named Harris whom Analee has never actually met in person. So when high school heartthrob Seb Matias asks Analee to pose as his girlfriend in an attempt to make his ex jealous, Analee agrees. Sure, Seb seems kind of obnoxious, but Analee could use some practice connecting with people in real life. In fact, it’d maybe even help her with Harris. But the more Seb tries to coax Analee out of her comfort zone, the more she starts to wonder if her anxious, invisible self is even ready for the real world. Can Analee figure it all out without losing herself in the process?

Freddie Mercury by Laura Jackson

Genre : Biography & Autobiography
Editor : Piatkus
Release : 2011-10-06
ISBN-13 : 9780748129072
Hardcover : 224 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

This fascinating biography of Freddie Mercury which received outstanding acclaim from Queen and rock fans worldwide, has now been updated for reissue to coincide with the release of the film about his life. Laura Jackson addresses topics including: * The reality behind Queen's flamboyant front man and lead singer * Mercury the star of mystery - amusing, loyal and generous, yet revealing a dark side to his personality * His frequent use of cocaine and how it heightened his tendency to excess - both on and off stage * The women in his life - his bizarrely enduring relationships with his first love, Mary Austin, and his long-time confidante, Barbara Valentin, who speaks for the first time in this book The book also includes new and intimate stories by those who knew him well, such as Tim Rice, Richard Branson, Cliff Richard, Bruce Dickinson, Mike Moran, Wayne Eagling, Zandra Rhodes and Susannah York.