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Author: Eugenia Semyonovna Ginzburg
Genre: History
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780547541013
Book Pages: 432
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

A woman’s true account of eighteen years as a Soviet prisoner: “Not even Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich matches it.”—The New York Times Book Review In the late 1930s, Eugenia Ginzburg was a wife and mother, a schoolteacher and writer, and a longtime loyal Communist Party member. But like millions of others during Stalin’s reign of terror, she was arrested—on trumped-up charges of being a Trotskyist terrorist counter-revolutionary—and sentenced to prison. With sharp detail and an indefatigable spirit, Ginzburg recounts her arrest and the eighteen harrowing years she endured in Soviet prisons and labor camps, including two in solitary confinement. Her memoir is “a compelling personal narrative of survival” (The New York Times Book Review)—and one of the most important documents of Stalin’s brutal regime. “Deeply significant…intensely personal and passionately felt.”—Time “Probably the best account that has ever been published of…the prison and camp empire of the Stalin era.”—Book World Translated by Paul Stevenson and Max Hayward

Author: Eugenia Ginzburg
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
Publisher: Harcourt on Demand
ISBN: 0156976498
Book Pages: 448
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

Released posthumously, Ginzburg's memoirs chronicle the eighteen years she spent in Eastern Siberia, a victim of one of Stalin's early purges, and describe the abiding love of her husband that sustained her over the years

Author: Kat Martin
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Zebra Books
ISBN: 9781420139037
Book Pages: 400
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

"I love her books!" --Linda Lael Miller "Martin is superb." --RT Book Reviews A bodyguard, a bounty hunter, a private investigator, no one can handle the heat like the men of BOSS, Inc. Megan O'Brien is at her wit's end. Her three-year-old son has been kidnapped. No police, says the ransom demand. Fearing for her son's life, Meg has no choice but to turn to her former bodyguard, Dirk Reynolds. Dirk's never forgiven Meg for the way she left him after their brief affair. But with bounty hunter Luke Brodie on his side, Dirk knows he's got to help Meg rescue her son. The few clues they’ve gathered send them spiraling into a murky world of big banking and international crime. Meg may be way out of her depths, but she’s seeing a side of Dirk she never suspected—one no woman could possibly resist.

Author: Frederick Startridge Ellis
Publisher: London, Quaritch
ISBN: STANFORD:36105035013734
Book Pages: 818
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

Author: Varalotti Rengasamy
Genre: History
Publisher: Pustaka Digital Media
ISBN: PKEY:6580542406719
Book Pages: 391
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

When I started translating Kalki’s Ponniyin Selvan in 2010, blissfully unaware of the depth and the magnitude of the work, several people tried to dissuade me. One potential publisher even lured me with an offer to translate another work of Kalki. Reason: there were already many translations around. Yes, there were. But most of them, though done with utmost sincerity, failed to create the emotional bond with the readers which the original author had effortlessly done in the Fifties when Ponniyin Selvan was serialised in a popular magazine. I did not rush up. I did not have a target or deadline. I let the translation work progress in its own pace. That explains the six long years I spent for this project. I read and re-read the first draft a dozen times before handing it over to my editors. There were many points of contention. There were issues where we could not reach a consensus easily. Finally the hard copy was ready for publication in 2016. The publisher had jitters and so did I. We got ready rough copies of two volumes. I gave it to two of my friends, who had read the original more than sixty times, with a mandate to read them in one go. They did and said “This is the best you can do in English.” The work culminated not when the book was released by a former Central Minister in 2016, not even when it went for three editions but when an ardent fan of Kalki sent a mail to me in 2019. “It was as if Kalki himself rendered his great work in English.”

Author: Walter Jon Williams
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Walter Jon Williams
ISBN: 9780983740865
Book Pages: 398
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

Steward is a Beta— a clone. In his memories, he’s an elite commando for an orbital policorp— but because his Alpha never did a brain-scan update, Steward’s memories are fifteen years out of date . . . and in those fifteen years, everything has changed. An interstellar war destroyed the company that held his allegiance. His wife has divorced him, along with the second wife that he can’t even remember. Most of his comrades died in a useless battle on a world called Sheol, and those who survived are irrevocably scarred. An alien race has arrived and become the center of a complex and deadly intrigue. And someone has murdered him. “Fast-moving, hard-driving, with a robust well-handled plot . . . a stirring and heartening performance.” – Kirkus Reviews “Walter Jon Williams proves that he is a master of action, character and galaxy-spanning plots.” — Fantasy Review “A combination of fast action, gritty realism, and high-tech polytechnics that is certain to be popular with Williams’ growing audience.” –Booklist. “(Williams) is a master of the intricate yet fast-paced plot— the essence of thrillers and novels of political intrigue.” –Locus

Author: Robert Young
Genre: Bible
ISBN: UCD:31175006970910
Book Pages: 1092
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

Author: Robert Young
Genre: Bible
ISBN: MSU:31293103098558
Book Pages: 1090
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

Author: Elizabeth Camden
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 9781441261472
Book Pages: 384
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

As owner of the 57th Illinois Watch Company, Mollie Knox's future looks bright until the night the legendary Great Chicago Fire destroys her beloved city. With her world crumbling around her, Mollie will do whatever it takes to rebuild in the aftermath of the devastating fire. Zack Kazmarek, an influential attorney for one of Chicago's finest department stores, is a force to be reckoned with among the city's most powerful citizens. Bold and shrewd, he's accustomed to getting exactly what he wants--until he meets Mollie Knox, the beguiling businesswoman just beyond his reach. In the tumult as the people of Chicago race to rebuild a bigger and better city, Mollie comes face-to-face with the full force of Zack's character and influence. Zack believes this may finally be his chance to win her, but can Mollie ever accept this man and his whirlwind effect on her life, especially with her treasured company on the line? " A sweet, emotion-filled romance to warm the heart and touch the soul... The cast of characters is varied and lovingly detailed, colorful and bursting with life." --Publishers Weekly "Into the Whirlwind is a delight. Elizabeth Camden shows remarkable ability to breathe life into nineteenth-century Chicago and its people. If you are a fan of historical romantic suspense, I cannot recommend this book or this author too highly."-Davis Bunn, bestselling author of Rare Earth "Camden takes readers on a breathless ride with smart, serious Mollie in the midst of tragedy and rui" -- RT Book Reviews

Author: David F. Wells
Genre: Religion
Publisher: Crossway
ISBN: 9781433531347
Book Pages: 272
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

Building on years of research, writing, and cross-cultural ministry, renowned author and theologian David Wells calls our attention to that which defines God’s greatness and gives shape to the Christian life: the holy-love of God. In God in the Whirlwind, Wells explores the depths of the paradox that God is both holy and loving, showing how his holy-love provides the foundation for our understanding of the cross, sanctification, the nature of worship, and our life of service in the world. What’s more, a renewed vision of God's character is the cure for evangelicalism’s shallow theology, with its weightless God and sentimental gospel. Written by one of evangelicalism’s most insightful minds, this book will help you stand firm in your faith despite the changing winds and raging storms of the modern world.