From Darkness To Light by Igal Halfin

Genre : History
Editor : University of Pittsburgh Pre
Release :
ISBN-13 : 9780822972044
Hardcover : 488 Pages

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In this interdisciplinary and controversial work, Igal Halfin looks at Marxist theory in a new light, attempting to break down the divisions between history, philosophy, and literary theory. His approach is methodological, combining intellectual and social history to argue that if we are to take the Bolshevik revolutionary experiment seriously, we have to examine carefully the ideological presupposition of both communist ideological texts and the archival documents that social historians believe truly reflect lived experience in order to see what effects these texts had on reality. Igal Halfin aims to turn Marxism, class, and consciousness from subjects of analysis to its objects. From Darkness to Light begins by examining the Marxist philosophy of history as understood by the Russian revolutionary movement. Halfin argues that the Soviet government took its cues to how it could bring about a classless society from a peculiar blending of eschatological thinking and modern techniques of power. Halfin then offers a case study of the Bolshevik attempt in the 1920s to create the “Communist New Man” by amalgamating the characteristics of the intellectual and the worker in order to eradicate the petit-bourgeois traits attributed by the regime to the pre-revolutionary individualistic and decadent student. Halfin’s conclusions raise important questions about Marxist theory as it relates to class, historical progress, and communism itself. His approach suggests that “proletarianization” should be understood not as a change in the social composition of the student body, but as the introduction of the language of class into the universities. Through the examination of the process of the literary construction of class identity, Halfin concludes that the student class affiliation in the Soviet Union of the 1920s was not simply a matter of social origins, but of students’ ability, using a set of ritualized procedures, to defend their claims to a working-class identity. Halfin’s conclusions raise important questions about Marxist theory as it relates to class, historical progress, and communism itself.

From Darkness To Light by Frank And Joan Testa

Genre : Biography & Autobiography
Editor : Xulon Press
Release : 2011-12
ISBN-13 : 9781619962224
Hardcover : 174 Pages

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Frank Testa was a Catholic priest for 13 years, after 8 years of seminary in the U.S. and Europe. Joan Testa was a Dominican nun for 22 years. They have been pastors and missionaries for 31 years. "From Darkness to Light," written with love for Catholics, is a plea to all who are in religious bondage to "come out from among them" before it is too late. Religious systems of the world are deciding their destinies as they submit to the global antichrist economic and political system emerging on the horizon. The Vatican has taken the lead in embracing a network of world religions. Religious and Political Babylon are brokering positions of power on the world stage at this very hour. The Holy Spirit is calling people to heed the warning of the Book of the Revelation: "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities." Revelation 18: 4-5 ALPHA AND OMEGA MINISTRIES P.O. Box 294 Christiana, Pennsylvania 17509

Genre : Art
Editor : Open Book Publishers
Release : 2019
ISBN-13 : 9781783745524
Hardcover : Pages

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"From Darkness to Light explores from a variety of angles the subject of museum lighting in exhibition spaces in America, Japan, and Western Europe throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Written by an array of international experts, these collected essays gather perspectives from a diverse range of cultural sensibilities. From sensitive discussions of Tintoretto's unique approach to the play of light and darkness as exhibited in the Scuola Grande di San Rocco in Venice, to the development of museum lighting as part of Japanese artistic self-fashioning, via the story of an epic American painting on tour, museum illumination in the work of Henry James, and lighting alterations at Chatsworth (to name only a few topics) this book is a treasure trove of illuminating contributions. The collection is at once a refreshing insight for the enthusiastic museum-goer, who is brought to an awareness of the exhibit in its immediate environment, and a wide-ranging scholarly compendium for the professional who seeks to proceed in their academic or curatorial work with a more enlightened sense of the lighted space."--Publisher's website.

From Darkness To Light In Polynesia by William Wyatt Gill

Genre : Cook Islands
Editor :
Release : 1984
ISBN-13 : 9820201896
Hardcover : 383 Pages

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Missionary's account of Cook Islands history up to 1894.

From Darkness To Light by Bob Narev

Genre : Holocaust survivors
Editor :
Release : 2019
ISBN-13 : 0473462745
Hardcover : 87 Pages

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Transfigured by Charlie Shamp

Genre :
Editor :
Release : 2020-07-14
ISBN-13 : 9798647507648
Hardcover : 206 Pages

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Many Christians are crawling through their lives completely beat up by the enemy and although they have been translated out of darkness into light the enemy has convinced them that in salvation nothing has changed. Their circumstances in life have crippled them from moving forward with their eternal calling and internal strife of battling the old into the new has left them powerless to work the works of God. As Christ-like ones we have been called to live a transcended life, to live from above and not from beneath, to manifest light in the midst of darkness. The Lord is pouring out His spirit across the world and raising up those who are willing to walk in the realms of glory without fear. History reveals to us believers that moved supernaturally across time, space and multi-dimensions to change their generation. They transversed the Earth and the Heavens for the purposes of God. Pioneering the unseen to give us a glimpse of what it looks like to walk in God. From Enoch to Paul, we have many examples of Saints that transcended what is seen as normal, they lived in the realm where the impossible became possible. They were those that show us our heritage and our inheritance as believers in Christ. They rose out of the limitations of their earthly genealogy to engage a heavenly genealogy in Christ. It is the Lord's intention for spiritual manifestations to become the normal Christian experience for all. Be challenged, as you read this book, to the very core of your being as the Lord takes you on a spiritual journey to his throne and some of the most beautiful places in the spirit. In Transfigured, Charlie will help you to understand the spiritual realms and guide you on how to see and know God; not when you die, but you will discover what it truly means to be a new creation in Christ now.

Helen Keller by Tanya Savory

Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction
Editor : Townsend Press
Release : 2017-01-01
ISBN-13 : 9781591945123
Hardcover : 122 Pages

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Genre : Self-Help
Editor : Trafford Publishing
Release : 2010-11
ISBN-13 : 9781426945397
Hardcover : 124 Pages

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"From Darkness to Light" presents a true account of the life of Ruben S. The son of a frightened mother and an alcoholic father, Ruben grew up shuttling between Puerto Rico and Florida. His intention is not to portray himself as a fearless, brave, intelligent, or grandiose person; to him, these characteristics are irrelevant when considering the personal destruction of a human being. Instead, he intends to tell a story that seeks to guide others to identify their own pain and failures. Learn to seek and identify those areas that are creating problems in your life and, without comparing them, address, correct, and remove them once and for all. For families or friends affected by the use and abuse of alcohol, controlled substances, or other devastating problems, Ruben's story should serve as a call for change. It can provide a foundation for anyone trying to resume life, find freedom from the destructive force that is addiction, and once again become a productive member of society. "From Darkness to Light" is the story of a life saved and brought back from the precipice of alcohol and drug abuse. It is a story of hope that aims to make a difference in the life of anyone who reads it.

Genre : Fiction
Editor : AuthorHouse
Release : 2010-04-27
ISBN-13 : 1452017638
Hardcover : 240 Pages

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Why does knowledge make us see things we don't want to see? Why does it make us suffer more than it makes us happy? Why do we exist in a world with dominating curses more than blessings? Why can't we define the true meaning of happiness, and barely smell its odor? When are we going to finally start asking the right questions? Why are we down here on this planet, asked to seek perfection in an imperfect world? What was the true reason behind making Prophet Adam eat from the forbidden tree? When do artists finally reach their point of perfection? If human beings, animals and insects have their own psychology, what about other creatures among which are invisible ones? Not all explanations are mentioned in books But till when will we have questions without any answers? Searching for a way, some souls ask: Why does darkness exist, while light seems endless? We search for the key chain, while we don't even know which door is the right one! But, who's she; who astonished his life, captured the sundered pieces of his heart, and brought him the keys to tons of buried secrets the one who didn't fear touching his wounds, and the one who anticipated all his moves? Some masts are old enough to be one of the antiques the sea carries or swallows, yet it still supports the deck, controls the ship, and above its towering apex, it guides the captain It's still a lively organ in the giant space of the sea. He stood there, his body straight and solid as a mast, while erecting from such bemusements with the strength of a sailor, the knowledge of a captain and the vision of an artist, he sailed for his journey, toward the endless seas of the Universe

From Darkness To Light by - K. (specKtrum Art)

Genre :
Editor :
Release : 2019-09-02
ISBN-13 : 1080972978
Hardcover : 210 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

I have decided to open up to the world and share my thoughts, feelings and experiences of my journey from darkness to light. This book is a collection of poetry, art and photography. I am publishing this in the hopes that someone somewhere out there may be able to relate and in the hopes it may help in some way."Once you get out of the darkness and into the light. You will see the true meaning the beauty of life."- K. (specKtrum Art)