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Author: Katherine Charlton
Genre: Music appreciation
ISBN: 1260043371
Book Pages: 402
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

Author: Professor of Music and Jewish Studies Philip V Bohlman
Genre: Music
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 019517304X
Book Pages: 350
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

Since the appearance of The Bay Psalm Book in 1640, music has served as a defining factor for American religious experience. Music and music-making are crucial to the maintenance of the distinctive belief systems that account for the insistent presence of multiculturalism in American denominationalism. The sacred musics of America at once symbolize the unifying factors of worship shaping the historical landscape and give voice to the diversity that distinguishes the religious experiences of that landscape as American. For students and scholars in American music and religious studies, as well as for church musicians, this book is the first to study the ways in which music shapes the distinctive presence of religion in the United States. The sixteen essayists contributing to this book address the fullness of music's presence in American religion and religious history. Sacred music is considered in the broadest aesthetic sense, stretching from more traditional studies of hymnody and worship to new forms of musical expression, such as ritual in nonsectarian religious movements. Musical experience intersects with religious experience, posing challenging questions about the ways in which Americans, historical communities and new immigrants, and racial and ethnic groups, construct their sense of self. This book features an interdisciplinary approach that includes scholars in both musical and religious studies; a broad range of methodologies; historical breadth extending beyond denominational and church studies, and beyond Judeo-Christian traditions; and a comparative study of traditional religious communities and of emerging groups representing multiethnic America.

Book Pages:
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

Author: Chris Bruce
Genre: Music
Publisher: Architectural Index
ISBN: STANFORD:36105028634074
Book Pages: 178
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

This fresh, accessible, and strikingly designed look at the history and future of rock 'n' roll catalogs various artifacts in the collection of the Experience Music Project, a new Seattle rock museum designed by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry. Wood's Introduction is followed by essays by Jim Fricke, Peter Blocha, and others. 200 color illustrations.

Author: F. Joseph Smith
Genre: Music
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 2881242049
Book Pages: 230
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

Author: Jody L. Kerchner
Genre: Music
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9781578869459
Book Pages: 349
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

This book explores the various ways music affects people and how they create meaning from everyday musical experiences, from infancy through old age. These experiences help us construct meaning and understanding of ourselves, our cultures, and our world. The contributors examine the nature of musical experience and how it changes throughout our lifespan.

Author: Experience Music Project
Genre: Music museums
ISBN: UVA:X006099731
Book Pages: 58
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

Author: Janet R. Barrett
Genre: Music
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199363056
Book Pages: 328
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

The Musical Experience proposes a new concept - musical experience - as the most effective framework for navigating the shifting terrain of educational policy as it is applied to music education. The editors and contributors define musical experience as being characterized by the depth of affective and emotional responses that music generates. The chapters map out the primary forms of musical engagement - performing, listening, improvising, and composing - as activities which play a key role in classroom teaching. They also address the cultural scope of musical experience, which calls for the consideration of time, place, beliefs, and values to be placed upon musical activities. The Musical Experience discusses how music teachers can most effectively rely on means of musical communication to lead students toward the development and refinement of musical skills, understandings, and expression in educational settings. This book serves to expand upon the dimensions of musical experience and provides, from the forefront of the field, an integrated yet panoramic view of the educational processes involved in music teaching and learning.

Author: Eric Weisbard
Genre: Music
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674013212
Book Pages: 389
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

The breadth and vitality of pop music are captured in a study that brings together examinations of pop music by pioneers in the study of pop music, pivotal critics, as well as musicians active in the riot grrl and rock scenes.

Author: Steven Cornelius
Genre: Music
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781315404288
Book Pages: 266
Format: PDF, ePub & Mobi

Music: A Social Experience offers a topical approach for a music appreciation course. Through a series of subjects–from Music and Worship to Music and War and Music and Gender–the authors present active listening experiences for students to experience music's social and cultural impact. The book offers an introduction to the standard concert repertoire, but also gives equal treatment to world music, rock and popular music, and jazz, to give students a thorough introduction to today's rich musical world. Through lively narratives and innovative activities, the student is given the tools to form a personal appreciation and understanding of the power of music. The book is paired with an audio compilation featuring listening guides with streaming audio, short texts on special topics, and sample recordings and notation to illustrate basic concepts in music. There is not a CD-set, but the companion website with streaming audio is provided at no additional charge.