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Release : 2007-06
ISBN-13 : 047022990X
Hardcover : Pages

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"The Culinary Institute of America holds nothing back in its mission to provide students, professionals, and enthusiasts with everything they need to know about the baking and pastry industry. This updated edition is an indispensable guide." --En-Ming Hsu "It is not often that a pastry text elicits the exclamation: 'What a fantastic book ' With hundreds of recipes and plenty of photographs, this book is well suited to a variety of eager readers, from first-time students just beginning their journey, to those embarking on a second profession, to the home baker." --Gunther Heiland "WOW This is the most comprehensive professional baking and pastry book that I have come across in my thirty-five years of working in the industry. It offers a complete array of basic and advanced recipes, with complete information on ingredients and tools as well as the most recent methods and techniques." --Biagio Settepani "The Culinary Institute of America has outdone itself with this book. This is the first true, completely illustrated text appropriate for all levels of ability to be published in many years. Its 625 easy-to-follow recipes cover everything from simple breads to wedding cakes and range in difficulty from basic to advanced. Congratulations." --Norman Love "From perfect croissants to elegant wedding cakes, this book will become the essential tool of apprentices and chefs alike. The talent of The Culinary Institute of America staff shines through this masterpiece. They have pulled together reference techniques, recipes, and sources that will assist pastry chefs in their daily quest for perfection." --Gilles Renusson

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Release : 2009-01-20
ISBN-13 : 0470258691
Hardcover : 244 Pages

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How Baking Works by Paula I. Figoni

Genre : Cooking
Editor : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2010-11-22
ISBN-13 : 9780470392676
Hardcover : 528 Pages

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The guide to understanding and applying food science in the bakeshop-now in a revised and updated 3rd Edition How Baking Works, 3rd Edition thoroughly covers the entire baking process, emphasizing the "whys" at work behind basic techniques. The book takes the user through the major ingredient groups, explaining how sweeteners, fats, milk, leavening agents, and other ingredients affect the appearance, flavor, and texture of the end product. The coverage also includes scaling and measurements, heat transfer, and sensory properties in baking. Includes hands-on exercises and experiments at the end of each chapter to illustrate the sensory properties of ingredients and their impact on baked goods Covers variety grains, enzymes, starch structure and gelatinization, and gluten structure, and includes an all-new chapter on baking for health and wellness Features end-of-chapter questions that review content and require readers to apply and synthesize what they've learned With explanatory photographs to illustrate the science of baking, How Baking Works, 3rd Edition offers a dynamic, hands-on learning experience for both practicing and future bakers and pastry chefs.

Home Baked by Hanne Risgaard

Genre : Cooking
Editor : Chelsea Green Publishing
Release : 2012-08-14
ISBN-13 : 9781603584302
Hardcover : 249 Pages

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"Hanne Risgaard offers recipes for unique bread and pastry that bring a Nordic approach to bread baking that feels worlds away from most conventional baking books. Risgaard offers practical information not only on the concepts and processes behind creating delicious Scandinavian breads, but also concise growing and cultivation information about the grains themselves, as well as a guide to basic equipment and kitchen set-up, ingredients, and the history of Skrtoft and their philosophy. At the beginning ofeach recipe there is a brief story contextualizing where the recipe comes from. Their world comes alive! Home Baked includes detailed sections on: baking with yeast; sourdoughs; baking without a raising agent (pies, cakes, cookies, crackers); and covers grains such as wheat, spelt, barley, and rye. The breads include unique ingredients like foraged herbs and greens, such as the Cocotte with Ramsons (either put directly in the bread dough or preserved in a syrup of pearls of rye and sea buckthorn berries); as well as other interesting standouts like the Buns for Tilters (with apple and yogurt, prepared for the annual horse games), Green Knots (made with stinging nettle, in honor of the fight to save the nettle in France), Rosemary Sourdough, Elderflower Muffins, and more"--

Cooking For Geeks by Jeff Potter

Genre : Cooking
Editor : "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
Release : 2010-07-20
ISBN-13 : 9781449396039
Hardcover : 432 Pages

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Presents recipes ranging in difficulty with the science and technology-minded cook in mind, providing the science behind cooking, the physiology of taste, and the techniques of molecular gastronomy.

Genre : Business & Economics
Editor : John Wiley & Sons
Release : 2015-04-13
ISBN-13 : 9781118712825
Hardcover : 128 Pages

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This is the Student Study Guide to accompany Baking and Pastry: Mastering the Art and Craft, 3rd Edition. Praised by top pastry chefs and bakers as "an indispensable guide" and "the ultimate baking and pastry reference," the latest edition of Baking and Pastry from The Culinary Institute of America improves upon the last with more than 300 new recipes, photographs, and illustrations, and completely revised and up-to-date information on creating spectacular breads and desserts. Covering the full range of the baking and pastry arts and widely used by professionals and readers who want to bake like professionals, this book offers detailed, accessible instructions on the techniques for everything from yeast breads, pastry doughs, quick breads, breakfast pastries, and savory items to cookies, pies, cakes, frozen desserts, custards, soufflés, and chocolates. In addition, this revised edition features new information on sustainability and seasonality along with new material on plated desserts, special-occasion cakes, wedding cakes, décor techniques, savory and breakfast pastries, and volume production, making it the most comprehensive baking and pastry manual on the market. Named "Best Book: Professional Kitchen" at the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) Cookbook Awards Established by its first two editions as a lifelong kitchen reference for professional pastry chefs Includes more than 900 recipes and 645 color photographs and illustrations

Baking With The Cake Boss by Buddy Valastro

Genre : Cooking
Editor : Atria Books
Release : 2019-06-11
ISBN-13 : 9781451690255
Hardcover : 352 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Buddy Valastro, master baker and star of the TLC smash hit Cake Boss and Food Network’s Buddy vs. Duff, shares everything a home cook needs to know about baking—from the fundamentals of mixing, rolling, and kneading to the secrets of cake construction and decoration—with this accessible and fun recipe collection and step-by-step how-to guide. For beginning home cooks, seasoned bakers, and even some professionals looking to pick up a trick or two, Baking with the Cake Boss effortlessly and enthusiastically teaches you everything from how to perfect the simplest butter cookies to creating magnificent wedding cakes. With his characteristic passion and good-natured humor, Buddy Valastro offers so much more than simply recipes. Blending his clear, helpful advice and charming personal stories, this cookbook features more than seventy decorating styles and recipes, including unforgettable and delicious cookies, pastries, pies, and so much more.

The Taste Of Bread by Raymond Calvel

Genre : Technology & Engineering
Editor : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 2013-11-09
ISBN-13 : 9781475768091
Hardcover : 207 Pages

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At last, Raymond Calvel's Le Gout du Pain is available in English, translated by Ronald Wirtz. Mr. Calvel is known throughout the world for his research on the production of quality French and European hearth breads. The Taste of Bread is a thorough guide to the elements and principles behind the production of good-tasting bread, including a broad variety of bread products as flavored breads, breadsticks, croissants, brioches, and other regional baked goods. Each important aspect of the process is covered: wheat and milling characteristics of breadmaking flour dough composition oxidation in the mixing process leavening and fermentation effects of dough division and formation baking and equipment storage The English edition provides notes and information specifically on the use of North American flours and includes recipes in both metric and US units. Enhanced with new black-and-white and color photography, The Taste of Bread will be a key resource for bakers and other culinary professionals and students who must understand the complex elements that yield quality breads.

The Elements Of Dessert by Francisco J. Migoya

Genre : Cooking
Editor : Wiley Global Education
Release : 2012-10-12
ISBN-13 : 9781118764657
Hardcover : 544 Pages

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In The Elements of Dessert, renowned pastry chef Francisco Migoya, professor at The Culinary Institute of America, takes you on a guided tour through the innovative flavors, ingredients, and techniques in the thrilling world of desserts.Ê He begins with the fundamental elements--such as mousses, doughs, and ganaches-- revealing in each recipe how to incorporate these building blocks into inventive, unforgettable delicacies.Ê Chef Migoya then explores basic pastry methods and dessert and menu composition principles in 200 recipes and variations in the essential groups of pre-desserts, plated desserts, dessert buffets, passed-around desserts, and cakes and petits fours.Ê Inspirational and instructive photographs display steps, techniques, and finished desserts. Ê

Genre : Desserts
Editor : Van Nostrand Reinhold Company
Release : 1996
ISBN-13 : 0442015976
Hardcover : 1154 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

If you think sumptuous desserts and healthy eating don't go together, you'll change your mind when you see the tempting, yet delightfully healthy desserts that Bo Friberg has added to the Third Edition of this ever-popular pastry cookbook. The Light Desserts chapter now offers twice as many mouth-watering desserts that will please your palate, your heart, and your waistline. The Third Edition on The Professional Pastry Chef offers hundreds of tempting, easy-to-follow recipes that range from classical to contemporary favorites. Here is a complete guide to the preparation and artful presentation of a bounty of pastries and desserts, including breads, cakes, cookies, pastries, ice creams, candies, and restaurant desserts. Instructions for every recipe have been rewritten using shortened, numbered steps to make them as easy to follow as possible. Each recipe - thoroughly tested by the author and thousands of his students - has been refined to perfection and is virtually foolproof. In brand new, consolidated introductions to each recipe, Master Pastry Chef Bo Friberg carefully explains the proper blending of ingredients, use of pastry equipment, alternate presentations, and professional techniques so you can produce professional results the first time.