Genre :
Editor : Ginger Marks
Release : 2007-03
ISBN-13 : 9780978883126
Hardcover : 145 Pages

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Genre : Business & Economics
Editor : Ginger Marks
Release : 2010-12-13
ISBN-13 : 9780982600573
Hardcover : 154 Pages

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My Country Story by Annie Farmer

Genre : Biography & Autobiography
Editor : Xlibris Corporation
Release : 2019-01-25
ISBN-13 : 9781796011807
Hardcover : 66 Pages

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My father was almost murdered by my uncle. My uncle was in jail and sent a message to my parents, which he wrote on a cigarette pack that was unfolded, to get him out of jail.

The Country Kitchen by Della T. Lutes

Genre : Cooking
Editor : Wayne State University Press
Release : 1992
ISBN-13 : 081432438X
Hardcover : 264 Pages

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First published in 1936, Della Lutes's semi-autobiographical tale was widely acclaimed. Readers today will delight in her stories of life in late nineteenth-century rural Michigan, complete with descriptions of authentic country folks, reflections on family and community events, and especially, details of sharing meals together that recapture expressions of warmth and love and fond childhood memories. The book includes an index to recipes hidden within the humorous narrative.

Inarticulate Longings by Jennifer Scanlon

Genre : Business & Economics
Editor : Psychology Press
Release : 1995
ISBN-13 : 0415911575
Hardcover : 278 Pages

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Inarticulate Longings explores the contradictions of a social agenda for women that promoted both traditional roles and the promises of a growing consumer culture by examining the advertising industry in the early 20th century.

Genre : Cooking
Editor : Storey Publishing
Release : 2012-11-02
ISBN-13 : 9781612122229
Hardcover : 544 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Bring farmhouse favorites to your kitchen with this heirloom cookbook, featuring more than 500 recipes for mouthwatering country classics. Martha Storey presents easy-to-follow recipes for comforting family favorites like apple pie, roast chicken, blueberry pancakes, strawberry shortcake, sourdough bread, and hand-churned ice cream. Storey also provides simple instructions for the old-fashioned arts of making your own cheese, yogurt, pickles, and cordials. You’re sure to hear calls for seconds when serving these time-tested crowd-pleasers.

Cooking My Way Back Home by Mitchell Rosenthal

Genre : Cooking
Editor : Ten Speed Press
Release : 2011-10-04
ISBN-13 : 9781607740780
Hardcover : 272 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

A collection of 100 of Mitchell Rosenthal's personal recipes for Southern-inspired comfort food with a California influence. In Cooking My Way Back Home, Mitchell Rosenthal delivers the same warmth, personality, and infectious enthusiasm for sharing food as can be found at his wildly popular San Francisco restaurants, Town Hall, Anchor and Hope, and Salt House. With his trademark exuberance and good humor, Mitchell blends Southern-inspired comfort food with urban sophistication and innovation, for exciting results. Reflecting on the classics (Shrimp Étouffée), updating regional specialties (Poutine), elevating family favorites (Chopped Liver), and reveling in no-holds-barred, all-out indulgences (Butterscotch Chocolate Pot de Crème) are what’s on order in this collection of 100 imaginative and irresistible recipes. Like a good friend offering up a platter of freshly fried Oysters Rémoulade, these robust, full-flavored recipes are impossible to refuse. From the Hardcover edition.

Back Creek by Leslie Goetsch

Genre : Fiction
Editor : Bancroft Press
Release : 2008-02-15
ISBN-13 : 1890862878
Hardcover : 240 Pages

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It's the summer of 1975. Eighteen-year-old Grace Barnett knows she should be preparing to leave for college in September. But a strange Memorial Day boating accident on the creek near her Virginia homeshe's the only witness to the apparent suicidekicks off a series of events that will define her family's future as well as her emerging view of life. On the very day of the victim's funeral, Grace's older sister, Lillian, absent from the family for the past five years, suddenly reappears. Unfortunately, it is also the day Grace's mother chooses to quietly walk out on her family, leaving Grace to act as the mediator between her prodigal sister and her badly wounded father. As the summer wears on, Grace finds herself thinking less about college and more about how to mend the rifts in her family. She turns to her neighbour, Cal, a recently returned Vietnam vet, to help sort through her problems. After weathering her sister's unexpected return and pregnancy, her father's budding alcoholism, and Cal's war-induced neurosis, Grace decides to set off to rural North Carolina with the intention of bringing her mother back home.

Ezekiel S Chariot by Dana Redfield

Genre : Fiction
Editor : Hampton Roads Publishing
Release : 1997-09-01
ISBN-13 : 1612832318
Hardcover : 242 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Mindy, who has forgotten that dreams can come true, meets Jason, a know-it-all kid who says he came back to Earth to get Mindy's life on track. A thought-provoking and humorous exploration of suburbia, mid-life crisis, despair, hope, and true love against all odds, Ezekiel's Chariot will become a well-worn favorite on your shelf.

Back To The Table by Art Smith

Genre : Cooking
Editor : Hachette Books
Release : 2013-08-20
ISBN-13 : 9781401306182
Hardcover : 288 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

From Art Smith comes a unique cookbook with more than 150 recipes to strengthen bonds between loved ones. Throughout history, humans have sat down together at the table to break bread. The simple ritual of the shared meal reunites us with our families and brings balance to our lives. There are many types of families--in using the word family, Art means to include anyone whom we have sought or chosen to be an important part of our lives. Unfortunately, in today's fast-paced world, the symbolic role of the table has been threatened. In many households, family members all eat separately, according to their own schedules, on the run, or in front of the TV. With this important cookbook, Art Smith wants to bring us back to the table--and back to each other. Art provides readers with mouth-watering recipes that represent the very best of home cooking, including Roasted Tomato and Cheddar Cornbread, to-die-for Sweet Potato-Pecan Waffles, hearty Seafood Gumbo, Grilled Shrimp on Arugula with Lemon Vinaigrette, and Spiced Pork Loin with Vidalia Onion Sauce, to name just a few. There is also a rich assortment of vegetable main courses--like Art's fabulous Italian Vegetable Casserole. Traditional dishes include the best-ever Buttermilk Fried Chicken and a Roast Turkey with Pan Gravy that's not just for Thanksgiving! And then there are the celebration cakes, perfect pies, and little sweets. From French Chocolate Almond Pie to Pear and Cranberry Cobbler, from Coconut Cake with Fluffy Icing to Triple-Layer German Chocolate Cake, from Pecan Divinity to Gumdrop Cookies, Back to the Table is filled with delicious treats for any occasion. Art's life's work has involved cooking for families all over the world. These experiences have taught him that families are essentially the same, regardless of international boundaries or cultural differences. We all want the best for each other and want to take care of the ones we love. And what better way is there to care for our loved ones than at the table? Illustrated throughout with stunning photographs of food and of people sharing their tables and their lives, Back to the Table is a book to use daily and to treasure for a lifetime.