How Do Animals Adapt by Bobbie Kalman

Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
Editor : Crabtree Publishing Company
Release : 2000
ISBN-13 : 0865059802
Hardcover : 32 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Describes how animals adapt to survive, discussing camouflage, mimicry, poisons, defense, adaptations to weather, feeding, and mating.

Representing Animals by Nigel Rothfels

Genre : Science
Editor : Indiana University Press
Release : 2002
ISBN-13 : 025321551X
Hardcover : 235 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Representing Animals demonstrates the deep connections between the way we think about animals and the way we have thought about ourselves and our cultures in different times and places. Its publication marks a formative moment in the emerging field of animal studies."--pub. desc.

Genre : Science
Editor : Springer Science & Business Media
Release : 1990-03-31
ISBN-13 : 0412337606
Hardcover : 379 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

This is a study on the sessile species of the intertidal zone which attempts to portray the intricate interplay of structural, physiological and behavioural adaptations that enable one animal to live where its congeners cannot.

Genre : Art
Editor : Drawing Animals
Release : 2003-06
ISBN-13 : 097103141X
Hardcover : 166 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals focuses on learning how to draw animals using solid drawing principles. --publisher.

Genre : Nature
Editor : Uitgeverij Van Gorcum
Release : 1999
ISBN-13 : 9023234693
Hardcover : 141 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Attitudes To Animals by Francine L. Dolins

Genre : Nature
Editor : Cambridge University Press
Release : 1999-02-13
ISBN-13 : 0521479061
Hardcover : 262 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Investigates differing attitudes to animals in science and society.

How Animals Move by Jack Harvey Prince

Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
Editor : CUP Archive
Release : 1981
ISBN-13 :
Hardcover : 119 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Explains the basic principles of movement of vertebrates and insects: swimming, running and walking, flying and gliding, and undulating or wriggling.

The Law Of Animals by John Hall Ingham

Genre : Law
Editor : The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
Release : 1900
ISBN-13 : 9781584773245
Hardcover : 800 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Ingham, John H. The Law of Animals: A Treatise on Property in Animals Wild and Domestic and the Rights and Responsibilities Arising Therefrom. Philadelphia: T. & J.W. Johnson & Co., 1900. xiii, 800 pp. Reprinted 2003 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. LCCN 2002044352. ISBN 1-58477-324-3. Cloth. $125. * According to the author, this was the first treatise devoted to the subject of animal law. It discusses the rights and liabilities of animal owners, cruelty to animals, game laws and injuries inflicted by railroads. Other chapters consider animals in relation to the law of property and the law of bailments. The thorough index includes words and phrases utilized in animal law cases. Contents include: Property in Animals: Wild and Domestic Animals; Transfer of Property: Sale and Mortgage, Estrays; Rights of Owners of Animals: Injuring, Killing, Theft and Removal of Animals; Injuries to Animals on Highways; Liabilities of Owners: Animals Trespassing and Running at Large, Impounding, Diseased Animals, Nuisances, Racing, Vicious and Ferocious Animals; Bailment and Carriage; Cruelty-Game Laws; Injuries to Animals by Railway; and more.

Animals And Modern Cultures by Adrian Franklin

Genre : Social Science
Editor : SAGE
Release : 1999-09-20
ISBN-13 : 0761956239
Hardcover : 213 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

The dramatic transformation of relationships between humans and animals in the 20th century are investigated in this fascinating and accessible book. At the beginning of this century these relationships were dominated by human needs and interests, modernization was a project which was attached to the goal of progress and animals were merely resources to be used on the path towards human fulfilment. As the century comes to an end these relationships are increasingly being subjected to criticism. We are now urged to be more sensitive and compassionate to animal needs and interests. This book focuses on social change and animals, it is concerned with how humans relate to animals and how this has changed and why. Moreover, it highlights

Animals And Women by Carol J. Adams

Genre : Nature
Editor : Duke University Press
Release : 1995-11-14
ISBN-13 : 0822316676
Hardcover : 381 Pages

Available: macOS, Windows, Android, Tablet

Animals and Women is a collection of pioneering essays that explores the theoretical connections between feminism and animal defense. Offering a feminist perspective on the status of animals, this unique volume argues persuasively that both the social construction and oppressions of women are inextricably connected to the ways in which we comprehend and abuse other species. Furthermore, it demonstrates that such a focus does not distract from the struggle for women’s rights, but rather contributes to it. This wide-ranging multidisciplinary anthology presents original material from scholars in a variety of fields, as well as a rare, early article by Virginia Woolf. Exploring the leading edge of the species/gender boundary, it addresses such issues as the relationship between abortion rights and animal rights, the connection between woman-battering and animal abuse, and the speciesist basis for much sexist language. Also considered are the ways in which animals have been regarded by science, literature, and the environmentalist movement. A striking meditation on women and wolves is presented, as is an examination of sexual harassment and the taxonomy of hunters and hunting. Finally, this compelling collection suggests that the subordination and degradation of women is a prototype for other forms of abuse, and that to deny this connection is to participate in the continued mistreatment of animals and women.